The Weekly Headlines



  1. Quote of the Day

  2. Squandering Your Prophetic Gift

  3. The Useless Left

  4. Happy first day of autumn

  5. Hillary Clinton trying to be human. ‘Between Two Ferns’ with Zach

  6. One Incident Away From Mayhem

  7. Advanced Blamestorming

  8. Quote of the Day

  9. Right Angle: Hillary’s Poll Dance

  10. Hillary Clinton speaks directly to white people: “Not only are you deplorable and irredeemable, but now you’re unbearable”…

  11. Drudge Headlines

  12. Lying again….and again….


  14. Watching me Watching you

  15. How did the apostle Paul die?

  16. Pray, pray, and pray

  17. Smitty ~ Letter V

  18. Praying

  19. King Solomon, Wise Hatred?

  20. SRV-Little Wing

  21. Advertisements from long, long ago — get in shape edition

  22. Tiny Stone Mountain Georgia will receive more Syrian refugees than LA and NYC combined

  23. Newt Gingrich: Clinton’s instinct is anti-police

  24. Quote of the Day

  25. Putin on Muslim Bombings

  26. Where is Hillary?…

  27. DISGUSTING: This ENTIRE Football Team, Including The Coaches, DISRESPECT The National Anthem

  28. Each and every day

  29. Karen Blixen

  30. Day Book 14


  32. Lonely Author Anniversary (The One)

  33. One-Liner Wednesday – A Trashy Post

  34. Tempt vs. Test

  35. If You Say

  36. Morning Direction From Scripture 9-21-16

  37. Relaxing and Coloring

  38. Beautiful Skyline nanaksar – ANIKET SHARMA PHOTOGRAPHY

  39. North Carolina Mob Attack Female Truck Driver – Police Refuse to Help, Desperate Calls To Media Chopper…

  40. What would YOU DO?


  42. garden glory

  43. Wisdom Wednesday

  44. Hillary ducks fundraiser “without reason”

  45. Calls for “Tolerance” after Isis stabbing

  46. The New World Order.

  47. Health experts recommend standing up at desk, leaving office, never coming back

  48. Quote of the Day

  49. Donald Trump, Jr slanders innocent defenseless Skittles…

  50. Never NeverTrump: Not Voting Trump Is Republican Suicide | National Review

  51. Will the real Edward Snowden please stand up and who are your handlers?

  52. Nurse Sharks of Belize

  53. Cultural Appropriation Alert: How Come Alicia Keys Gets to Wear a Turban?

  54. Inspirational Picture of the Day: You Have a Choice

  55. Rise Above the Laughter & Criticism!

  56. Snake Skin

  57. An expert explains why Trump will win

  58. The Stranger From Spain – Tales from the Past

  59. *Update* Tonight Donald Trump Meets With Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi…

  60. Why am I here?

  61. Walking the Human

  62. If

  63. The Difference

  64. We Danced Between Stars

  65. Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day

  66. NY, NJ bomb suspect

  67. Wild Bill: Obama’s Guest Terrorist Program

  68. Quote of the Day

  69. Tim Tebow Q&A: ‘This Isn’t a Publicity Stunt, and It’s Definitely Not for Money’

  70. Angela Merkel‘s party routed in Berlin polls as right-wing group gains

  71. Haitian President ‘Clinton tried to bribe me,’ reveals the Clinton Foundation

  72. Kurtz: Trump beats the press, again

  73. The Clinton Lie Ratchet

  74. Some beautiful music for Sunday

  75. Hack the Vote

  76. Quote of the Day

  77. Hillary Clinton: “I’ve been briefed about the bombings in New York and New Jersey and the attack in Minnesota”…

  78. A Pair of Aces: Laurel & Hardy in SONS OF THE DESERT (MGM 1933)

  79. Wikileaks Expose the Saudis Paid Hillary to Turn Libya Into an ISIS Hellhole

  80. Breaking: Explosions in New York City, Charlottesville Virginia

  81. Storytelling and Leadership

  82. Happy Caturday

  83. Clinton’s bribery attempt and mainstreaming corruption

  84. Kasich and Reed Showing Where Their Interests Lie

  85. Quote of the Day

  86. Nation’s Largest Police Union Endorses Trump – Fox …

  87. Drag it into the light-

  88. Congress Investigating Obama Admin-Funded Campaign to Unseat Israeli PM

  89. If It Ain’t Broke…

  90. Breaking The Law, Not Costing Enough Sitting Or Taking A Knee While USA National Anthem Is Played

  91. Be Strong and Do It!

  92. Life is a Blessing

  93. What happened? From 0 to 90


  95. The U.S. Media are Infected with “Ideological Affluenza”….

  96. Get Up, Stand Up

  97. Saturday Smiles

  98. The Secrets to our 12 Years of Marriage

  99. Rain, rain, rain

  100. Working Preacher-Commentary on Jeremiah 8:18-9:1

  101. Stumbling Block

  102. King Solomon, Wealth, Covertness, Fairness Post One

  103. Missouri Overrides Govs Veto to Legalize Permitless Gun Carry

  104. Cavuto: Never Trump-ers Last Call?

  105. Are you seeing with “hard” eyes or “soft” eyes?…

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