The Weekly Headlines



  1. The Cup of Encouragement 

  2. Quote of the Day

  3. Bwhahahaha Irony much?

  4. Quietly thoughtful

  5. Best Words Blog Birthday

  6. Pre Code Confidential #7: PLAY-GIRL (Warner Brothers 1932)

  7. The Tsunami And The Helicopter

  8. How to Prepare for the Future

  9. Note to self…Sept. 16th

  10. Anniversary Poem


  12. Happy!

  13. America: Warnings to Washington DC

  14. My Heart Grieves for This Nation!

  15. The Truth is Hard to Swallow!

  16. Smitty ~ Letter IV

  17. 10 Signs you’re a Basic Bitch

  18. I can’t brain today, I have the dumb

  19. Obama to gobble up 5000 Square miles of ocean, bans commercial fishing

  20. MEDIA COMES UNGLUED AFTER TRUMP PRESSER: Hotel Backdrop Comes Crashing Down (VIDEO)

  21. Just in: House Republicans do it AGAIN.

  22. Media gets Nazified

  23. Former Speaker John Boehner joins board of Big Tobacco company Reynolds American

  24. Harry Reid: Donald Trump Is ‘a Human Leech who Will …

  25. God’s scoreboard

  26. My United Hometown

  27. YOU ARE…

  28. No Longer Slaves

  29. Humble

  30. Trump and Child Care…and MARK LEVIN!?


  32. The Natives of Numinbah Valley

  33. NOTHING can separate me

  34. Dog

  35. This is the day!

  36. My Reflection on having my New Job after Eleven Years of being a SAHM

  37. Gardenias & a magic-wand!

  38. King Solomon, Why German Leaders are Wiser Than USA Leaders Part Two

  39. Quote of the Day

  40. Mafia Rule One: Don’t Put Anything in Writing…

  41. Aurora theater shooting victims won’t have to pay $700,000 in …

  42. VIRAL: Students Should Read ALOUD, In School, What Nugent Just Wrote About Hillary

  43. Happy birthday to our national anthem 

  44. Time for a word about Deplorable

  45. UPDATING: New DNC Leak – Pay to Play, Election Fraud, Insider Trading

  46. Fearless Malcolm Roberts gives most outstanding Senate speech of last five decades

  47. King Solomon, Democrat Elite Politicians

  48. Bored of education — empty wallet edition

  49. Obama to complete Hillary’s short-circuited campaign

  50. A Picture Worth 1000 Words

  51. Fiorina Endorses Trump

  52. Quote of the Day

  53. Katie Couric faces $12 million defamation suit for …

  54. On Vacation

  55. Cherish the Moments

  56. Body or Soul

  57. Blindness

  58. Danger in the Ministry of a Prophet

  59. Lab work

  60. Hillary Clinton’s NEW Nuke Commercial

  61. The Clinton Foundation Presidency

  62. Quote of the Day

  63. Chairman Chaffetz Just Reamed Out FBI and Subpoenaed All Records Pertaining To Clinton and Emails

  64. Ted Cruz Slams NFL Players For National Anthem

  65. Donald Trump Campaign Ad: “Deplorable”…

  66. Another state issues transgender rules for churches

  67. Phil Robertson Shoots Down Reasons Not To Back Trump

  68. St. Teresa of Calcutta: Missionary, Mother, Mystic

  69. I do convert

  70. The Best Of Me

  71. SNUBA with Catalina Scuba Luv

  72. 9/11

  73. Have We Forgotten

  74. Lest We Forget

  75. Smile for me

  76. It’s no longer ‘Can You Hear Us Now?’, it’s Obama We No Longer Hear YOU

  77. Evil Men

  78. 9/11 Memorial New York City

  79. When Demons Win

  80. How much worse will the destruction and death have to be to wake us up?’

  81. Some beautiful music for Sunday


  83. SEPTEMBER 11 1683

  84. Quote of the Day

  85. Is Hillary Clinton going to be forced to end her run for president?…

  86. WOW! 156,000 Fans Give NFL The FINGER & Sing ‘God Bless The USA’ On Eve Of 9-11 Anniversary! WATCH!

  87. Alfred Adler

  88. Coupons for Church Attendance


  90. Not Forgotten

  91. The Fireman’s Friar

  92. I Cry Today

  93. Never Forget

  94. Fifteen Years

  95. Happy verse in the Bible

  96. VIDEO Bill Now Vs Then – 47% Desperate Hillary Lashes Out At Trump Supporters: “Basket of Deplorable Americans”…

  97. Clinton Campaign Attempt To “Walk Back” Hillary’s “Basket of Deplorable Americans” Scripted Comments…

  98. The boat lift of 500,000 on 9/11, an untold tale

  99. Morning Direction From Scripture 9-11-16

  100. Remember 9/11– Spiritual Warfare is Real

  101. Mediterranean Pizza with Cauliflower

  102. Protection

  103. The Higher Self

  104. Where were you?


  106. God Bless America

  107. Happy Caturday — Barkalounger edition

  108. No, I Won’t Forget, in Fact I’ll Never Forget

  109. New Species Of Ancient Crocodile-Like Reptile Discovered

  110. Seahawks will stand, link arms in pregame demonstration

  111. Denver Broncos’ Brandon Marshall gets dropped by sponsor

  112. Hillary Clinton said I’m deplorable, racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic…

  113. Legendary rockers KISS STOP mid-concert; liberals lose their minds over why

  114. Have I changed this year?

  115. Snippet of The Day 09.10.16

  116. Mid Afternoon Meditation 9-10-16

  117. Miss you

  118. Trump supporters are deplorable racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic and not American

  119. The resistance!

  120. My Fellow Deplorable

  121. 9/11 Patriot and National Service Day

  122. I’m Back At Teaching

  123. Disappointment

  124. And we know . . .


  126. Secret Agent Double-O Dino: THE SILENCERS (Columbia 1966)

  127. When do things become fun again?


  129. Of the night

  130. Quote of the Day

  131. Something many people miss

  132. Seal Team forced to abort hostage rescue……

  133. One more profession rendered obsolete

  134. We missed the anniversary of the FAKE shooting of news reporter Allison Parker and her camera man Adam Ward…

  135. House Overwhelmingly Passes Bill To End Obama Admin ‘Slush Fund’ -HR 5063

  136. Minnesota Dems Sue to Keep Trump Off Ballot

  137. Hillary can’t hide from the truth

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