The Weekly Headlines



  1. Quote of the Day

  2. Replace Obamacare.. it’s not that hard

  3. Brexit vote sparks new EU revolt

  4. If Biblical events were covered by today’s media

  5. Spraying of chemical Naled comes to Miami, banned in 22 countries

  6. It’s the law, stupid: an anathema to Clinton

  7. Judge Jeanine: I’ve ‘lost all respect’ for the FBI director

  8. Kaepernick’s stance


  10. Time to go home again

  11. A assustadora – e linda – ponte de corda que está chamando a atenção na Irlanda   (The scary – and beautiful – rope bridge that is drawing attention in Ireland)

  12. So very sobering…

  13. “Where No Man Has Gone Before”: Fifty Years of STAR TREK

  14. A Memorial for Australia’s Z Force

  15. Sept 11, 2016: Fifteen Years On

  16. Things are a bit different it seems….

  17. Fed up with rush hour traffic?

  18. Clinton denied high level Chinese defector to assist Beijing leaders

  19. BREAKING: CIA Bombshell Reveals What Obama Did to Guarantee ISIS Massive Victories

  20. The Day has Come

  21. Veteran Just Knocked Hillary Out of the Race at Presidential Forum

  22. The Flight 93 Election

  23. American Reaction to “Commander in Chief” Forum

  24. A bunch of very disturbing stuff…

  25. They’ve turned us into a Rotting Banana Republic

  26. Polls, Hillary, and Goldman Sachs

  27. Key Group Supports Trump

  28. Quote of the Day

  29. Real’ Loch Ness Monster DISCOVERED in Scottish …

  30. Betty Left Searches For Mr. Right


  32. Guess the proff’s gender

  33. Obama:”Soldiers need to get past the Flag”

  34. Happy Labor Day

  35. Summer’s over

  36. Finally the Philippine’s Duterte tells Obama to go to Hell

  37. Randomized thoughts: Labor Day postmortem election coverage

  38. CNN Stunned By Hillary FBI Questions

  39. Trump on Labor Day

  40. Hillary hacks, coughs, and wheezes her way through her Labor Day rally in Cleveland…

  41. Obama’s Meeting With Philippines Leader Cancelled …

  42. Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn

  43. Political Journalism: Paradox?

  44. Being Asian

  45. Snippet of The Day 09.04.16

  46. Brighter Day

  47. I Got Nothin”

  48. VIDEO Trump Revolution Save USA? – Why Brexit Won – End Global Power Monopoly – Detroit remarks ‘refreshing’

  49. Dobson on DONALD

  50. Protect Your Military Chaplains From A Bully

  51. A Fresh Baptism of the Holy Spirit

  52. Motivational Monday Moment – 9/5/2016

  53. Eliza Darling-3rd September

  54. Loss of Soul

  55. Smitty’s Cruise Begins – Letter III

  56. Quote of the Day

  57. Jesuit Gonzaga University, Spokane, WA hires screaming harridan and anti-free speech “communications” professor Melissa Click…

  58. Gowdy BRUTALLY DROPPING BOMBS On Black Lives Matter Supporter Is A Joyous Thing To Watch!!!

  59. Nicolás Copérnico

  60. PreJudge

  61. BLACK LEADER Praises Trump’s Detroit Visit – Calls on Black Caucus Members to Resign (VIDEO)

  62. I Have Heard the Cry of Your Heart! † His Kingdom Prophecy

  63. Trust Issues

  64. A prophetic word…

  65. Venezuela On The Brink…


  67. I’m lost in thy love——–


  69. Happy Caturday

  70. Clinton Dropping Out Temporarily? Admitted for Detox?

  71. Thought for Today

  72. 2 officers shot, wounded by visitor at Fresno County jail

  73. An Open Message To All Sports Players Especially Those Who Side With BLM Or Other Radical Groups

  74. WHOA: Media BLACKS OUT what just happened to Trump in Detroit…

  75. BOOM: The Cops Who Staff 49ers Games Have a Hilarious and COSTLY Message for Kaepernick

  76. Russian dance of high school girls

  77. Billy Graham at his best

  78. Mid Afternoon Meditation 9-3-16

  79. Sticky Note to God 09.03.16


  81. This is no joke

  82. Just Breathe

  83. Language of the seas.

  84. BLM and The End of PC: Bill Whittle Saturday

  85. At 7:30 am I got

  86. Amen

  87. Note to self…Sept. 3rd

  88. He That Has An Ear :: Home

  89. The True Story: Donald Trump Did Not Mock a Reporter’s Disability – CATHOLICS 4 TRUMP

  90. I hope we see this all across the West

  91. The fat of the land

  92. Medical marijuana users now banned from owning or buying guns court rules

  93. Thugs to Saints

  94. This Level of Denial (about Gary Johnson)

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