The Weekly Headlines


Cat Head, Newspaper


  2. Called One: Sanctioning Evil

  3. Donald Trump Just Overtook The Democrats On Gay Rights – Breitbart

  4. Creation Story – Literal or Figurative

  5. First day in Hobart

  6. A Lie Doesn’t Become Truth

  7. Morning Direction From Scripture 8-19-16

  8. Sightless Isabelle

  9. Sticky Note From God 08.18.16

  10. Survivor

  11. Star


  13. World Photo Day

  14. Ransom: So it WAS? And nobody cares?


  16. It Never Ends

  17. Dying to Believe

  18. There Are Loves

  19. Khalil Gibran

  20. Donald Trump, Mike Pence Visit With Franklin Graham and Samaritans Purse Flood Relief In Louisiana…

  21. America’s Leading Motivation Expert Explains Why Hillary Polls are Bogus

  22. #AwakeAugust – small stones 08/17/16

  23.  Wake Up America; This Is Not a Joke

  24. Facing the END (Redux)

  25. Britain finally convicts Choudary

  26. Another crooked lefty

  27. Bumper snickers

  28. That Crazy Unca Joe

  29. Obama is the biggest Arms dealer since world War II

  30. Edify: Building a Strong Generation

  31.  Reasons to Explore the Grand Central Station New York

  32. Of course you did

  33. Anthropomorphism

  34. Dust and Shadows

  35. Practicing what I Blog, revisited.

  36. Democrats Continue Weakness on National Security

  37. Advertisements from long, long ago — coffin nail edition

  38. Mouse tales

  39. Anti-Trump Kansas Congressman Tim Huelskamp loses primary…

  40. The Sword of the Spirit is NOT your Bible

  41. Just a Reminder to The NeverTrumpers

  42. Assange: Hacked Emails show Clinton Arming of Jihadists, Including ISIS, in Syria

  43. King Solomon, “Terrible” Pope Francis?


  45. Lou Dobbs: Kochs, Clinton, Ryan, Etc. “Globalists VS Americans, and Everyone Better Understand That”…

  46. More About Khizr Khan

  47. Still Coloring

  48. Hannity: If Trump Loses, I Am Pointing the Finger at Ryan, McConnell, Graham, McCain, Kasich – Breitbart

  49. The government is rotten to the core and I don’t even care

  50. Health Ranger Mike Adams: Everything is Rigged. EVERTHING…

  51. What a Way to End the Summer!

  52. What Difference Does It Make?

  53. Is Hillary Clinton sick? Insane?…

  54. I have a story for you: a couple from Arkansas goes to Washington…

  55. Already the bodies are piling up

  56. Happy birthday, Louis

  57. Trump’s Road to Washington Paved With Boobytraps

  58.  Pretty Girls Rock

  59. Off to India !

  60. Hillary Clinton – Role Models

  61. Friday Thoughts

  62. America: A New Wave of the Flag!

  63. Make A List Of The Things That Make You Unhappy

  64. Interview Tips

  65. show yourself.

  66. Moms…

  67. I’m not the problem, by Dave Miller |

  68. The Firefly Who Wanted To Be A Star

  69. King Solomon, Lip Kissing a Politician?

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