Am I Back?



I am back just part time. Mom has another cath to be done to put a stent her in neck because of a blockage. The doctors are talking about a trip to Indianapolis. A hospital there has equipment that could find where the internal bleeding is coming from. Mom might have outpatient blood transfusion in her future. It seems like there is hundreds of doctor visits even though it is not that many, lol.

We’re still dealing with the internal bleeding the doctors can’t find. The doctors are saying it micro size being the reason they can’t find the bleeding. The internal bleeding has  cause mom to lose some blood count (hemoglobin) which has caused her to have transfusions. It has caused her to be weak to almost passing out to passing out..

Mom has been in the hospital 4 times within four weeks. One of those was at the ER. The first time mom was in she had heart attack. They say now the internal bleeding caused it. I don’t know. I don’t claim to be medically incline. I do know mom does have congested heart failure that could of caused it.

About the screaming part I mentioned in comments in my post I Haven’t Given Up On Blogging, The last three days of her first stay in the hospital, I thought I was going to have to get a lawyer to bail her out of the hospital. It was frustrating. One day telling me she can go home the next day. The next day, they do another test (that she had in May of this year) saying she can go home afterwards but ends up staying another night. The test made her weak. My thoughts were what happened to doing the test the day before they told me I could take mom home. What happen to doing things in a timely manner? What happened to wait she can go home when the time is right instead of getting mom and my hopes up, Confused smile?

On mom’s third stay, it was just to be over night for observation after she had a cath for a stent in a vein in her shoulder which had a blockage. I can’t say what happened during the procedure that caused mom hemoglobin count to go down. I don’t understand why they gave mom a blood transfusion on the day she was suppose to go home when it could have been done the day before.

I am not blaming the doctors and nurses for it all because my emotions were on a roller coaster ride. I hated to see mom weak and sick. I wanted my mom healed and feeling better, Confused smile.

Mom does have good days. It is the bad days I am talking about here.

11 thoughts on “Am I Back?

  1. Glad you’re back sometimes. Hope for improvement for your mom. I saw where you commented on another blog some weeks ago about she was in the hospital, you said like a prison. You take care of yourself so you can continue to see about her. It’s difficult to keep one’s self up to par in trying times being a caregiver.
    Miss your comments and pingbacks at various sites.

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