Questions I Asked Myself Lately By Kathleen Blake


I wrote this poem a few years ago. It was a time I was wondering about heroes. Where were they? Sometimes I forgot who the heroes were. I thought it would be appropriate for this Independence Day weekend.

Sniley Question

Where are the heroes in these modern times?

When are they going to rise during these chaotic times?

Where are the George Washington’s?

Where are the Thomas Jefferson’s?

Where are the Martin Luther King’s, the Gandhi’s?

Where are the Winston Churchill’s to encourage their country during its darkest hour?

Will they arise during the troubling times?

Where are the Paul Revere’s that will take a warning under a midnight sky?

Where are the Ronald Reagan’s?

Where are the Samuel Adams?

Where are the Abraham Lincoln’s?

Lord, help us, we can’t afford a divided nation?

Where are the prayer warriors that will pray for the nation?

Don’t they understand we are under siege, we have Benedict Arnolds among us.

Where are the Audie Murphy’s?

Where are the General George Patton’s?

Don’t people understand we need great strategists to make a stand?

Where are that Thomas Paine’s of common sense?

Don’t these people understand we have liars and manipulators in our government?

Lord, please, send heroes to us.

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