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Yesterday I was reading a post by StopAndPrayTV titled Pray God to send a few men with what the Americans call “grit”, This is what he had to say.

Pray God to send a few men with what the Americans call “grit” in them; men, who when they know a thing to be right, will not turn away, or turn aside, or stop; men who will persevere all the more because there are difficulties to meet or foes to encounter; who stand all the more true to their Master because they are opposed; who, the more they are thrust into the fire, the hotter they become, who, just like the bow, the further the string is drawn the more powerfully it sends forth its arrows, and so the more they are trodden upon, the more mighty will they become in the cause of truth against error.

I been praying for this for a very long time. It made me wonder “Why someone hasn’t step up to the plate”. Is the person thinking they don’t have the skills to be one of the leaders of our country. Davey Crockett didn’t have skills to be a representative of Tennessee, only frontier smarts. Or they don’t know the technicality of law making. From our past you would see not all were lawyers but mixture of doctors, military, business person, farmers, an average Joe. Or they are thinking they are just a plain Joe or Jane. What can a plain Joe or Jane do? I think the power in doing the job is hard work, knowing what is right and wrong, and having the integrity to stand up for what is right. I guess what I am getting at is God uses the profound of ordinary people to accomplish what he wants and to make things right.

I know my thoughts don’t jive with others . This makes me an individual and not part of the pack. My thoughts may seem too naïve for some but this is my thoughts and my hope that America will once again elect leaders with grit, not part of the pack of wolves.

16 thoughts on “My Thoughts On A Post I Read

  1. Absolutely right – cold water argument is that it is difficult for good people to break into politics, and to stay good people when they do. It is an awful ‘game’ to put it mildly, that one has to play even to become nominated here. I think that if 100 such good people were to join forces to aim to get one of them nominated and then work forward to an election – surrounded by angels and covered in prayer. Might stand a chance.

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