Links To Some Uplifting Posts (6-20-2016)



  1. Two Dollars Well Spent

  2. Sisters Create ‘The Disabled Life’ Comics Highlighting Life With a Disability

  3. Dad Supports His Son’s Dreams In This Incredibly Touching Ad

  4. Young boy with big heart repairing used bikes for other kids in community

  5. So We Can Love Again

  6. Dupla passa horas pagando as compras de pessoas no supermercado para tornar o dia delas mais feliz   (Double spends hours paying the purchases of people in the supermarket to make their day happier)

  7. Policemen Set a Great Example for a Little Boy

  8. the case of the missing finger, a true story

  9. God’s Invisible Breathe

  10. Kindness-A Garbage Man’s Kindness To A Boy With Autism


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