Well, It Happened Again



Windows Live Writer did it again. It ate “My Article Read” so it won’t be up today. I know that is a duh but for your reading pleasure I will be putting up left over articles. What is left over articles you ask?

“Left over articles are  articles I couldn’t get to on some days so I put the ones I couldn’t read in a folder called left overs under my inbox. I plan to read them later on. Usually, I read five of them a day…”

Left Overs

  1. Cream of Parsnip Soup

  2. How to Make Deep Fried Veggies

  3. Featured Bloggers 5/27/16: How to Network Your Blog

  4. Wishes on a Flower

  5. First Day of Theatre

  6. If All I Ever Had My Love

  7. Ch-ch-ch-changes

  8. Weekly Round-up

  9. Kitteh

  10. ¿Que se nos avecina con el TTIP?   (What are we coming with the TTIP?)


  12. Obama Wants World Free of Nuclear Weapons and Stuff   (Satire)

  13. Its been a fun day

  14. Book Review: Girl Online Series by Zoë Sugg

  15. Business In a Box

  16. I love trees, do you?

  17. Crushed? He’s Making Diamonds Out of Us

  18. My views on the Brexit vote

  19. A Fairy Quest – a Haiku

  20. AISLAMIENTO (Persona)   (INSULATION (Person))

  21. Six word Saturday

  22. St Kilda at sundown

  23. My first book launch


  25. Silverback attitude.

  26. My best kept secret: A codependent struggle

  27. War Room

  28. I will lift my hands . . .

  29. Cat Naps photo competition – we have our winners!

  30. 366 Days of Writing Prompts – Day 149

  31. I wish, I wish….

  32. praise and worship in spirit and in truth

  33. Germany – Bamberg

  34. Fenugreek Powder – Skin + Hair

  35. Orange Blossom

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