My Article Read (6-14-2016)


Cat Tail, Newspaper

  1. “Pretty little spider.”

  2. Anyone Else Feel Like a Total Screw Up?

  3. Stepping Back

  4. Every single day

  5. 7 Websites that Pay Writers $100 or More Per Article.

  6. A Note to Muslims

  7. Donald Trump Speech on Violent Extremism in Manchester, NH- Saint Anselm College (6-13-16)…

  8. Jo’s Monday walk : Strolling in Kraków

  9. FBI called off Orlando shooter investigation because he was “being marginalized because of his Muslim faith,”

  10. Wrong Thinking about the War in Which we are Engaged

  11. If you made a list of honest men…..

  12. Three cheers for the red, white, and blue

  13. Gingrich: The Left’s Failure to See the Reality of Terror

  14. The POTUS Is Revolting

  15. Phoenix LGBT’s Endorse Trump

  16. Clinton: If the FBI is watching you, you shouldn’t be able to ‘just go buy a gun’

  17. Don’t Make Enemies of People You Depend On

  18. Obama renews calls for stricter gun laws after Orlando

  19. Got Your Sword? – Carrying Weapons = Religious Freedom

  20. A Balanced Prayer

  21. 317 – France, Paris, Loi Travail, Grèves, Forte mobilisation, Incidents, Dégradations   (317 – France, Paris, Labour Act, strikes, mobilization Forte, Incidents, degradations)

  22. Winning

  23. Women Fighting Back Sexual & Domestic Abuse In Uganda

  24. Are You Hungry?

  25. Street Artist Guido Vermicelli

  26. Fishing for Something More

  27. Share Your World 2016 Week #24

  28. Silhouette

  29. Free Dirt


  31. Targeted by hate

  32. I will meditate on Your precepts . . .

  33. Una maravillosa sorpresa   (A wonderful surprise)

  34. Note to self…June 14th

  35. Tales from my Father 3: theunfetteredpreacher


  37. Don’t Let Yesterday Take Up Too Much Of Today — Through Open Lens

  38. You write it today:

  39. Gays rally around Trump after Orlando attacks


  41. Flags put on display to inspire recognition

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