Links To Some Uplifting Posts (6-13-2016)


Rain, Child

  1. Blind Woman Who Was Lost And A Homeless Man Who Was Found

  2. Man Honors His Late Brother By Building Specialized Wheelchairs For People In Need

  3. Couple Unexpectedly Adopts 5 Siblings At Once

  4. The Basilica

  5. a peek inside, a man named Amos

  6. I am harmonious and happy.

  7. A jovem de 29 anos que já conseguiu impedir mais de 900 casamentos infantis na Índia   (The young 29 year old who has already managed to prevent more than 900 child marriages in India)

  8. A Word for Wednesday

  9. A Lesson in Love from Inside a Nursing Home – By Kimberlee Koehn

  10. Porque esse hospital abriu uma exceção e permitiu que cães visitassem um bebê   (Because this hospital made ​​an exception and allowed dogs to visit a baby)

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