Prayers for Orlando

Dream Big, Dream Often

imagesI am not sure of all the details about the Orlando shooting, but my thoughts are with those 50 families of the dead and those recovering in hospitals.  I cannot imagine the hate required to aim a gun at another human being and pull the trigger.  God help us all.

#orlando #prayfororlando #godhelpus

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6 thoughts on “Prayers for Orlando

  1. The human mind is so complex. A world with lost values (such as the value of human life) and great despair leads to chaotic outcomes. The more fear and death we experience, the further we drift from appreciating the sanctity of life. All of us play a part in this mania (regardless of how small a part it may be.) We must return to a state of consciousness where we accept and value ALL cultures and do our best to live PEACEFULLY together. For those who believe in God, this approach will validate our meaningful attempt to honor him.

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