My Article Read (6-11-2016)


Warrior, Newspaper

  1. The people cry for help

  2. Do you have a big but?

  3. Compassion for Others…it IS what we need!

  4. Even though doing so will be painful.. there are reasons why I will have to vote for Donald Trump.

  5. THEY’RE PLAYING MY TUNE: Harvard Study Reveals New Theory On Alzheimer’s Disease

  6. Estabo conspiracy Party sellouts

  7. TWA flight 800 The Great untold story of our time

  8. Happy Caturday

  9. Military Brass Line Up Against The 2d Amendment

  10. A handy guide to the Clinton scandals

  11. No Way Are You Helpless or Hopeless!


  13. Google manipulating Clinton searches to boost candidate

  14. SHOCK POLL – Paul Ryan Losing in His Home State

  15. A garrison is not free from danger while it hath an enemy lodged within

  16. VIDEO Liberal journo goes to southern border to see if Trump is right, what he discovers surprises everyone

  17. Here be the Dragons

  18. Cardboard Testimonies

  19. Wine World and Sun Dog Books

  20. A Day in the Life on the Farm: Seafood Boil featuring Domaine Houchart Côtes de Provence Rosé 2015 #WinePW

  21. Look at the sickie.

  22. Survival – A Quarter Story

  23. Cowboy Up ! – Texas Rancher Lassos Mexican Bandit At Wal Mart…

  24. Fragile Heart

  25. Snippet of The Day 06.11.16

  26. All God’s people – Battle ready prayer

  27. Simplicity

  28. Grace – Strongest When We Are at Our Weakest!

  29. Smitty – Camp Polk and the Louisiana Maneuvers

  30. King Solomon, A Prophetic Reason to Vote

  31. Conheça os ligers: os raros e adoráveis filhotes de um leão branco e uma tigresa branca   (Meet ligers: the rare and adorable puppies of a white lion and a white tigress)

  32. Guess who is coordinating riots and attacks at Trump rallies

  33. Reality versus Fiction

  34. Το “Στο επέκεινα” στο περιοδικό Fractal   (The “In the Hereafter” to Fractal magazine)

  35. Not so Toasty After All

  36. Give, and you will get more.

  37. Time For Church Camp!

  38. Zbiornik Wawrzkowizna

  39. Cow Philosophy

  40. Delight yourself in Yahweh!

3 thoughts on “My Article Read (6-11-2016)

  1. I’m glad you liked Smitty’s story of Camp Polk (# 29) as we follow him, the 11th Airborne and the rest of the Pacific War, day by day…..

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