Are You Kidding Me? Or What A Crock Of Malarkey.


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A video was taken of a man knocking over flower pots of a few businesses in downtown Lafayette, IN. The last I heard that was vandalism. But all the LPD can do is talk to the man instead of arresting him. This isn’t a priority to them. This isn’t the only crime that has happened downtown there are others. The LPD haven’t done anything about.  This is what our local media is saying. If you are interested in reading about this you can read it at: Lafayette businesses lock doors during business hours due to crime.

This is my hometown. This is where I live. With what I read from our local newspaper and local media you would think Lafayette, IN has become a regular “Peyton Place”. I have prayed about our government, country, and other stuff but I forget the little territory the Good Lord place me in. It is time to pray for my territory of Lafayette. I believe prayer can change things besides speaking out against the wrong.


7 thoughts on “Are You Kidding Me? Or What A Crock Of Malarkey.

  1. I hope this is a one time incident and not a sign of things to come. The police should have done something., You have to nip these thngs in the bud. God bless you, and the people of Lafayette.

  2. How unfortunate. This is just an act of displaced meanness. It would be nice to see a community service for this type of offense. Ignoring the event teaches a horrible lesson in life.

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