My Article Read (6-8-2016)


soldiers, newspaper

  1. Devotional for Artists #5: A Jealous Artist

  2. Gracias!!

  3. The New Baby

  4. When the Sifter Sifts

  5. IF we really believed, IF we really Knew who we are, how would we then live?

  6. Black robed rats

  7. Advertisements from long, long ago — fabulous hair edition

  8. H.S. Student Creates Flag For Class Assignment……

  9. BREAKING: Trey Gowdy Set To Unleash Hell On Democrats Regarding New Benghazi Information



  12. Let Me Run This Thing!

  13. Battle Rages as Est GOP/ RINOs Save MB Obama AGAIN, This Time His Plot to Diversify Neighborhoods

  14. Aspirations of Justice

  15. In The Blink of an Eye

  16. Hillary Diagnosed With Severe Case of Trumps   (Satire)

  17. Sorry, Vice-Chancellor. We need more historians of the sixth century.

  18. God, Men & Women

  19. No Rape Culture in Brazil, isn’t there?

  20. The Admirer – Flash Fiction

  21. Miraculous health benefits of honey and cinnamon (again)

  22. Memorial Day 2016

  23. For the Love of a Uniform! (Writing 101)

  24. Another recycle

  25. Love Means Never Having To Say You’re Ugly: THE ABOMINABLE DR. PHIBES (AIP 1971)

  26. the ripest apple on the tree…

  27. Perks of Having girl best friends.

  28. Signs of the Time #6

  29. A death sentence.

  30. Evening Meditation 6-8-16

  31. THOUGHTS to ponder…..

  32. Surround Yourself

  33. Confessions of a blogger

  34. The Tide is finally Turning! (trigger warning)

  35. A Message for Someone– Trust God

  36. Nurturing Bully

  37. Germany – Bremen

  38. Mandarin Magic

  39. The Power of Reading

  40. Work hard and bleed

2 thoughts on “My Article Read (6-8-2016)

  1. Thank you kindly for including my story on your list!! Much appreciated. I will most certainly peruse through these other stories. 🙂

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