My Article Read (6-7-2016)


Soldier, Newspaper

  1. Christian Disciples Learn to Face Adversity

  2. D.W. Ulsterman On Brad Thor’s Attempt To Explain Recent “Trump Assassination” Comments

  3. Watchmen on the Wall

  4. Special Memorial Day Edition: Audie Murphy in BATTLE AT BLOODY BEACH (20th Century Fox 1961)

  5. Anyone want to have a pity party?

  6. For D-Day, Two survivors sing a WWII foxhole song …

  7. National Immigration Propaganda Month

  8. Trump entering the great Unknown

  9. What does the Bible say about violence?

  10. I would like to be a Fly on the wall

  11. Record gun sales 13 months straight

  12. In A Flash

  13. The most amazing lie in history: how a chicken farmer, a pair of princesses, and 27 imaginary spies helped the Allies win World War II

  14. Another Leech Gone Mad !

  15. Why I’d like my Christian friends to consider that rational thought is a natural phenomenon

  16. IRS Making A List Checking It Twice – IRS Targeting Scandal

  17. Are You Without Feeling?

  18. Video Heroes of D-Day in Their Own Words, 72 Yrs Later – Veteran FIRED By Time Warner Cable For Lowering USA Flag

  19. Answering a Common Challenge to Christian Morality

  20. Somehow this looks very peaceful to me

  21. Paper Starts Here


  23. Gorillas, boys, and God oh my!

  24. Johnny

  25. The Death of Muhammad Ali And How Being The “Greatest” Still Isn’t Good Enough.

  26. The Inspire Me Monday Linky Party

  27. Your Bad Relationship Didn’t Waste Your Time

  28. Sweden June 6, 2016

  29. #8 Ned Hickson Proves 49 is The Sexiest NUMBER of Them All

  30. One Fish,…,…,Blue Fish

  31. words——–

  32. The Good Old Days

  33. When My Wife Became My Hero

  34. All We Have Left

  35. Women On The Move: Joy Thomas

  36. Cali Primary Day: Unlike yesterday, today we have more news and commentary than I can handle…

  37. Undeserving Love

  38. Going on two months with

  39. The Latest: More sharks, more shutdowns at California beach

  40. Aslan’s Country, the Really Real World!

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