On Memorial Day Evening I Got Thrown For A Loop


Thrown For A Loop

I was reading an article by That Weird Brown Girl called Soujourns: Dead in the Water. It is a non-fiction story. I thoroughly enjoyed the story even though it was on the morbid side. Of course that was when I got to finish reading it.

I was interrupted during the story by my brother’s friend wife.  She was coming from the garage on her way to the bathroom. She stopped behind me and asked me what I was doing. I told her I was reading a blog post. I didn’t tell her what the post was about but she automatically assumed it was about politics. If she came in a little earlier her assumption would have been right.

She went into this smill how she didn’t want to talk about politics even though she did. She started how she did not like politics because of how dirty it was. I nodded in agreement with her because I thought so too.

Next thing I know she went on the topic of Trump. With the way she talked about Trump you would think she was talking about Satan himself. She had nothing good to say about Trump. I gave her a funny look, wondering if she believe everything she heard on the news.

She then told me how Trump hated Muslims. I gave her another funny look and stated to her it wasn’t the Muslims he hated but the terrorist. With the stare she gave me after that you would think I was the most stupidest person in the world.

She proceeded to the bathroom and came back at me with “You know Trump will be assassinated?”  For the lack of anything else to say I blurted out “I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.” She went into few sentences of why Trump would be assassinated then she walked into the bathroom, ending our talk. I   should say her talk because I didn’t get too many words in.

I tried to get back to the blog post but my head was swimming of why she said what she did. I couldn’t believe she even mentioned Trump being assassinated or even condone it. I hear and read stuff like that in the news but it is different when someone actually say it to your face. I was wondering if she one beer too many. What would make her say an awful thing. Did she say that to shock me? If she did she did a good job of it.

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