My Article Read (6-1-2016)



  1. Sometimes you just have to call a sleaze, a sleaze…

  2. Crazy making in the U.S. of A…

  3. Benghazi’s “Tanto” on Hillary: “I don’t think she has a soul,”

  4. This for my Brother because you are dead a long time. Get out there and see the world.. it’s a big place.

  5. The Moment of Truth

  6. Man forced to venture pretty far into wilds of Internet to have opinion confirmed


  8. VIDEO ‘Chewbacca Mask Lady’ Continues to Use Platform For Jesus, Shares How She Received Gift of Holy Spirit

  9. Congress’ Treachery, FBI’s Double-Crossing, the American Citizenry’s Cluelessness: With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies?

  10. Pretty Far Into Wilds Of Internet…

  11. Where the Heart Is Romance Collection: Love Is a Journey in Nine Historical Novellas by Andrea Boeshaar, Carol Cox, Rhonda Gibson, Sally Laity, Jane West, Claire Sanders, Erica Vetsch and Pamela Kay Tracy

  12. The Beauty by L. Martel

  13. Remembering those who gave their all..

  14. 287 – Téléphonie mobile, Smartphones, Ralentissement des ventes en 2016   (287 – Mobile phones, Smartphones, Sales Slow in 2016)


  16. Mid Afternoon Meditation 6-1-16

  17. Dragon named Bonnie

  18. Phoenix Rising: The Hypocrisy of War series finale

  19. Lightweight Wednesday

  20. Snippet of The Day 06.01.16

  21. Already Written

  22. Promote Your Blog Here

  23. Masks

  24. A Memorial Kind of Weekend!

  25. Help out a fellow wordpresser.

  26. Reality Check

  27. Love Hate Relationship

  28. My Unanswered Prayer

  29. My First Airbnb Experience: Toronto

  30. Thank You South Africa

  31. Keep on fighting (day 23 of the #encourage marathon)

  32. King Solomon, Best Answer of Reason Why?

  33. Why every writer needs a sense of wonder #amwriting

  34. small stones – June 1, 2016

  35. Wisdom Wednesday

  36. What does the Bible say about racism, prejudice, and discrimination?

  37. A moda dos anos 1920 quebrou tudo e lançou tendências que imperam até hoje   (The fashion of the 1920s broke everything and launched trends that prevail today)

  38. Signs of the Time #5

  39. Pre-Diabetes – Millions of people are undiagnosed! The Glycemic Index approach to reducing the risk.

  40. What is the way?

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