Update On Mom


That Moment

Mom is out of the hospital. She got out yesterday.

About the bloody ulcer, they did a test to find it. They didn’t find anything. Mom was so frustrated and down after the results of the test she was crying. Before when she was in the hospital they ran tests from a colonoscopy to a camera pill. They found nothing. She was just so sick of it. Her view was if they can’t find nothing why was she there at all. She could be miserable at home. She wanted to be dismissed. Why stay another night for nothing? She told the doctor and nurse this. She calmed down after awhile and apologized for her behavior. She also spent another night. Now their saying it probably her meds causing her problems and took her off the Plavix and fish oil.

I can’t say I disagreed with mom that instant. It is frustrating for me to see her like that. It puts me in a conundrum of not knowing what to say or how to help her. All I could do was be beside her and hold her hand when needed.

Thank you all for the prayers.

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