I Won’t Be Blogging For A Few Days



My mom is back in the hospital. She been feeling weak and seeing blood in her stool again. She complained about it to the doctor. The doctor thought her internal bleeding started up again and sent her to the emergency room. (Well had me take her.)

This time they (Doctor at the hospital) are saying it is a bloody ulcer. I feel at peace with this answer than I did with an internal bleeding that didn’t know where it was at.

I believe it will be fine with my mom but the added insurance of prayers are always appreciated, Smile.

10 thoughts on “I Won’t Be Blogging For A Few Days

  1. Prayers extended to you and your mom. The diagnosis seems reasonable. I don’t know if they intend to do an endoscopic and colonoscopy evaluation to objectively determine if an ulcer is the underlying cause of the bleeding. Obviously finding the source is crucial to preventing other complications.

    Wishing a speedy recovery to your mom. We readers understand the time you need, but want you to realize anyway how much you will be missed! You are an important part of my blogging family.

  2. Sending you my hugs, love, and prayers! What a blessing your care & concern are for your mother! As a hospice care volunteer I can share with you that patients do not always have a supportive, loving family member to be with them. (Not always be choice but often due to circumstance.) Never negate the gift your care provides your mother…and I am sure, even if she does not tell you so, she is so very grateful! Hugs!

  3. Prayers? Of course, for both of you. Do know you’ll be missed but none of us think you should do any difference. Take care, and take care of Mom.

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