My Article Read (5-26-2016)


Left Overs

  1. Democrat Voters Turn Against DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz!

  2. Thursday Stuff

  3. Officers Charged in Freddie Gray Case File MAJOR Defamation Lawsuit…

  4. A Nominal Number of Unkempt, Uneducated, Loud, and Mostly Fat Anti-Trumpers Cause Mayhem in Albuquerque…

  5. Life’s Too Short For Fascists

  6. What are we holding on to? (Day 16 of the #encourage Marathon)

  7. Song of Silence by Cynthia Ruchti

  8. Stressed Out

  9. When and how was Nineveh destroyed?

  10. Giving ORDERS to Obama and Lynch?

  11. Glenn Beck says he was wrong about Donald Trump

  12. It’s a dog’s life

  13. Face the music

  14. Took the day of from exercise…

  15. The Donald Reaches 1237 And The Freeloaders

  16. The History of the Decline and Fall of the Republican Party

  17. State Department not sure if Clinton Email server was hacked

  18. Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Open Topic

  19. Leave!


  21. Social fretworking

  22. Great Gardening Cartoons

  23. Do me a favor?

  24. What People Share! –Part 2

  25. Mid Afternoon Meditation 5-26-16

  26. G7 Summit – Trump Has World Leaders “Rattled” – Obama Says Global Leaders Continually Ask About Donald Trump…

  27. Snippet of The Day 05.26.16

  28. 8 Common Creative Writing Mistakes | Writing Forward

  29. Shared with us all

  30. Review of The Eye-Dancers by Michael S. Fedison

  31. Grey Cats

  32. rainbow-colored words on tapestry (or an anesthetized cat and a razor)

  33. Day Fifteen- Because John Said So

  34. It’s not an eyesight issue, it’s a HEART condition

  35. Be Encouraged and Take Courage

  36. And We Will Know

  37. What America’s Founders Could Teach The European Union

  38. Cast Iron Drinking Hole

  39. God is one in three persons.

  40. light

  41. The day my daughter learned to trust me

  42. He’ll Hold You Up

  43. Eleven states sue over MB Obama’s transgender directive

  44. double-feature

  45. Happy Birthday John Wayne: SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBON (RKO 1949)

  46. Rejection

  47. Do you Have A Super Power?

  48. Today Is A Good Day

  49. Bursting the Bubble

  50. Germany – Leer

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