Links To Some Uplifting Posts (5-23-2016)



  1. The Letter a Nonverbal Teen on the Autism Spectrum Wrote to a Police Department

  2. The Perfect Kindness Opportunity

  3.  Female Biker Stops In Front Of The Saluting Marine To Pay A Beautiful Tribute

  4. Today’s feel-good story

  5. Judge Less, Compliment More

  6. Helping Others = Happiness. It’s Pretty Simple.

  7. Six Life Lessons I’ve Learned while Visiting the Elderly – By Michael Baker

  8. Sometimes you just need a cry.

  9. Today’s feel-good story

  10. Young girl hatches rescue plan to save family


2 thoughts on “Links To Some Uplifting Posts (5-23-2016)

  1. Loved the video. I write about topics that affect the quality of people’s lives and put a great deal of effort in doing so because “people matter.” I, too, need BALANCE in my life to be able to achieve this mission. This video, gave me a chance for 3 minutes and 37 seconds to sit back and enjoy watching innocense and love. They you for bringing balance to my life today.

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