My Article Read (5-18-2016)


Extra Hot

  1. Anti-gun Madness: 5-yr-old Brighton girl suspended for bringing Princess bubble

  2. Feeling Human Again

  3. Couldn’t resist…

  4. Jo’s Monday walk : Meeting Meg

  5. Warsaw miscellaneous

  6. Ben Rhodes hearing turns to Iraq debate

  7. Love liberty? Boycott Facebook.

  8. Happy birthday, Erik

  9. Trump to the GOP: Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way


  11. Bergdahl’s Teammate Endorses Trump While Calling Out Clinton For Lying

  12. Much Too Close in green

  13. «Αριστοτεχνικές Συνθέσεις»   (“Masterful compositions”)


  15. Finnegans Wake: Book 1.2

  16. Disturbing

  17. Viking longship sets sail for North America

  18. A Touch of Heaven

  19. Persuading Britain to spend billions on Trident is like convincing a tramp to buy a bazooka

  20. Valley of Two Lakes

  21. The Isolated (dying) Church: The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station

  22. The Bouquet by L. Martel

  23. April 19

  24. Snippet of The Day 05.18.16

  25. Child of the world – Break every chain

  26. Remembering you

  27. Me and My New Camera (Nikon Coolpix P900)

  28. Sweden according to Thumbup

  29. A Flowchart For Success And Failure

  30. Pancakes with Sour Cherries

  31. Saying goodbye

  32. Irreverent Biblical Gossip

  33. Ivanka Trump Responds To New York Times Hit Piece on Her Father – Interview With CBS This Morning…

  34. King Solomon, Best Praise

  35. Bad Mouthing Your Ex Is Hurting You, Not Him


  37. TSA Says to Relax and Enjoy the Groping

  38. VIDEO Sweet Sweet Spirit in this place

  39. Wyoming Rancher Fights Feds,EPA Office of Homeland Security, and Wins, Freed From Millions in EPA Fines Back Story

  40. Run with discipline (day 9 of #encourage marathon)

  41. Mixed Media Challenge

  42. In the Shadow of Thy Wings (Ancient World #2) by A.M. Heath

  43. Top 20 Values to Teach Children

  44. Note to self…May 18th

  45. small stones – May 18, 2016

  46. I hope

  47. Proyecciones funcionales dentro del MBTI   (functional projections within the MBTI)

  48. Germany – Saxony

  49. Flourish

  50. Oh to be an expert

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