I Am Not Sure I Should Mention This Or Not But…


Dating 101

Yesterday, I read a post called Dating on Empty! at Skipah’s Realm. It was about divorce men getting out there and dating again. The post made me realize few things.

  1. One as a female I don’t have the worries that a male has.
  2. I haven’t been on a date for over 10 years I forgot what dating is, Confused smile.
  3. My flirting skills are at rusty to corroded.
  4. I am not sure if I would be happy or sad about dating again.
  5. I would really have to work on my conversation skills and talking about stuff besides the weather, Sad smile.

5 thoughts on “I Am Not Sure I Should Mention This Or Not But…

  1. You are full of so much character and personality your first sip of water (on the date) would remove the tarnish and corrosive material (you mention) and reveal the true you. It’s not about making impressions; it’s about being yourself (if you like yourself) and giving others a chance to benefit from knowing you. I, for one, am so glad to have had (at least) the “informal” opportunity of meeting you on wordpress. Your blog site adds value to my life. Why wouldn’t you think as an individual your (in person) presence would do the same?

      1. Acknowledging the negative side is facing reality; permitting it to consume our lives is a sad choice often. I believe you deserve better. I hope you do as well.

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