My Article Read (5-5-2016)


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  1. With Trump now the GOP nominee, George W. Bush plans to sit out presidential race

  2. SEE IT: Alligator spotted climbing up front door of South Carolina home

  3. Paw-inspiring save: Firefighterskitten rescue caught on camera

  4. Robert Stacy McCain: The Despicable David Brooks…

  5. Overcome or Overcomer?

  6. Postcard for Kim

  7. Rush: I’ve got a hunch that Trump is headed for a landslide over Hillary

  8. Ted Cruz: Why He Lost

  9. Hillary Clinton is walking into Donald Trump’s trap

  10. Filling A Prescription

  11. Of Prophetic Dreams

  12. King Solomon, Wisdom and Biomarkers

  13. Camp Hillary’s offensive on Trump

  14. Hoisting the black flag.

  15.  Agony of being a 50/50 mum: Women once held the upper hand in custody battles. Now fathers are winning EQUAL access… and mothers are struggling to cope

  16. Happy Cinco de Mayo

  17. Some Republicans Bolt GOP After Trump Becomes Presumptive Nominee

  18. The Consequences

  19. Donald Trump takes on Obama and the Globalist in a parody!

  20. God’s Love in Action: The Joyful Painter

  21. Everything That’s Wrong With the Minimum Wage Hike in ONE Cartoon

  22. Prayers for Fort McMurray, Alberta Canada…

  23. On My Bookshelf: A Flight of Arrows

  24. Packing Tips & Tricks for Travel

  25. Church, (Houston), We have a problem: The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station

  26. Give Him Your Prime Time!

  27. Germany – Cologne

  28. Significance Builds or Fades

  29. Happy Birthday Mom

  30. Now the major experiments are coming…


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