My Article Read (5-4-2016)


Coffee News

  1. Check out Sea Hunter, the US Navy’s new ‘crewless ship

  2. Captain Cook’s HMS Endeavour has been found in the …

  3. Newt Gingrich: Donald Trump may turn out to be the most effective anti-left leader in our lifetime…

  4. Cruz did the right thing…

  5. Stupid wrapped in ridiculous…

  6. CNN Pundit Tries To Smear Trump By Calling Him A “White Guy”…

  7. Video: DONALD J. TRUMP WINS INDIANA. Diamond and Silk Love it!

  8. Crossroads

  9. Plug and play Ted unplugged in Indiana

  10. “Why I Will Vote for Trump”

  11. Face value

  12. What’s Next for the ‘Never Trump’ Movement?

  13. I KNEW IT !

  14. E.U. to implement a $300K fine per barbarian for non acceptance

  15. New Guidelines Coming to the WordPress Theme Directory Regarding Upsells

  16. Move over Keanu, it’s GAY PURR-EE (Warner Brothers 1962)

  17. Watch over.

  18. Ma Fille Cadette by L. Martel

  19. May the Fourth

  20. riding the waves, the carol beach book club

  21. Starman – Life on TrappistOne

  22. Has God Removed Himself from U.S., Country Entering Into ‘Judgement Phase’? – Peace In Troubled Times

  23. Peace In Troubled Times


  25. I’m Hearing Voices

  26. Abandon all ship!

  27. John Kasich Dropping Out…

  28. Eno: What Happens to Kasich’s Delegates When He Drops Out?

  29. One Word Photo Challenge: Bubbles

  30. Profound Paragraphs IV

  31. Daily Prompt: Hope

  32. Grandma’s Gardening Tips – #drabble

  33. Brexit: the View from the Prairie

  34. color in the woods – kleur in het bos — Photography a way to live

  35. FaceBook Woes

  36. Stay Supported with a Blogging Group

  37. Share Your World 2016 Week 18

  38. Night terror

  39. Germany – Potsdam

  40. Reblog – Hanging Lake & More

  41. “The looking glass self” & “Can I tell your dog a secret” now published in Winamop

  42. A Victory for The Underground

  43. 197 – France, Politique, Popularité, Dernier sondage IFOP, Les jeunes se détournent de Hollande   (197 – France, Politics, Popular, last IFOP poll, youth turn away from Holland)

  44. Keep hope alive

  45. A Word From Big Fur Hat

  46. Lifeway Free for All

  47. Essas 10 aldeias são reais, mas parecem saídas de contos de fadas   (These 10 villages are real but seem fairytale outputs)

  48. Wisdom Wednesday

  49. Normal is Only an Illusion

  50. Survivor Mode


17 thoughts on “My Article Read (5-4-2016)

      1. these things happen in a strange way. I read the story about the three earth like planets being discovered, 40 light years away and it was wednesday, so I checked out the Writer’s Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge and the prompt was ‘fantasy.’ All I needed was something to quote and who else could there be, but David Bowie. Now I’ve got to keep it going. Thank you for your kind remark.

  1. A great collection of informative posts, your collection is very diverse, and allows the reader to browse those subjects that they find interesting. Excellent idea.

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