My Article Read (5-3-2016)



Cat, Newspaper

  1. Cee’s Share Your World Challenge: week 18

  2. This is how lefty libtards act…

  3. Our bit towards AGW:

  4. A heartfelt plea to our northern neighbors

  5. Heads Explode – Cruz Camp Already Cedes Indiana to Donald Trump

  6. Can Ted Cruz Pick Up Momentum from an Indiana Win?

  7. What does Evil desire?

  8. FUN FACT!


  10. Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 24 – Hats

  11. I won’t let it go

  12. Charity painting

  13. Snippet of The Day 05.03.16

  14. Smile for me

  15. An Angry Drunk Rant

  16. Who am I 2 Stand in God’s Way…

  17. Speak Up

  18. Social media marketers

  19. Is the Bible Believable?

  20. An Ode To Lemons..

  21. How to fight our Enemy?

  22. Wanderlust.

  23. A Fistful of Flowers

4 thoughts on “My Article Read (5-3-2016)

  1. I had to take a sneak peak at the article entitled, “Can Ted Cruz Pick Up Momentum From An Indiana Win” knowing he had suspended his campaign. Kasich is obviously seeking publicity for something (I am guessing) behind the scenes. He is certainly not a viable candidate in this election.

    1. I have to say I am surprised Cruz suspended his campaign. He seemed to be like a bulldog that bites on something a doesn’t want to let go. Kasich should have been out of this shindig a while back.I am wondering if Kasich hasn’t been promised something by someone to stay in.

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