My Article Read (5-2-2016)


Cat, Computer

  1. Prophetic 1958 Speech

  2. Scars

  3. (Fun video) Messed up with the wrong girl: man got his ass kicked for trying to harass a lady in elevator

  4. Clintons’ cash cow delivers the milk

  5. To the electoral map 2016

  6. Germany and the road to civil war:

  7. Elderly man who’s outlived wife by 8 years must not have loved her very much

  8. Does GOP Delegate Math Add Up to a Contested Convention?

  9. Clinton’s gal pal Huma Abedin good friends with Ivanka Trump

  10. An Open Mind and an Open Heart Part 2

  11. Budinca de Alac   (Spelt pudding)

  12. Reblog from Gossip – Khloe Kardashian had Lamar’s money managers stop paying his dad’s rent when Lamar was in the hospital

  13. Need a fix for your Curly Hair?

  14. crying does not help dry eyes

  15. Inspire Me Monday Linky Party #80

  16. How I Made 12,484.68 in one month.

  17. Merkel Gives Rapefugees Immediate Unlimited Welfare Benefits But Now Forces Europeans To Wait On A List For 5 YEARS

  18. small stones – May 2, 2016

  19. What is A Reprobate Mind…

  20. Just a Thought

  21. MemoryShtick by NEW World Judge

  22. All Together Lovely

  23. When Virtue is not Virtue..

  24. Collage #22 – Music of the Heart.

  25. Thanks to you

  26. Oh how we deceive ourselves


  28. Snippet of The Day 05.02.16

  29. This

  30. It was in Munich,

  31. Ten Nuggets of Thought For (Soon to Be) Mr. Divorcee

  32. The Regressive Left’s ‘Privilege’ Narrative

  33. Living on a budget

  34. Little Felted Dogs: Easy Projects for Making Adorable Needle Felted Pups by Saori Yamazaki

  35. Summer Must-Reads!

  36. Intermission (8) – Dr. Seuss, the troops and Malaria

  37. King Solomon, Dogged Voters Malady (u/d)

  38. Watch Me Bleed

  39. The Old TV Westerns

  40. ESTRATEGIA (La venganza de Ulzana)   (STRATEGY (Revenge of Ulzana))

  41. She Praised God

  42. Glenn Beck Heading to Rehab for Cheetos Addiction

  43. Burning The Midnight Snack

  44. Bruising the Devil

  45. Germany – Trains


  47. Purpose for You

  48. white tulip – witte tulp – Photography a way to live

  49. The Battle is Real…

  50. 8 weeks ago…

  51. What’s so great about Conservatives? Not much.

9 thoughts on “My Article Read (5-2-2016)

  1. #30
    Interesting, huh? Amazing how I was thinking about the story of grand canyon and then the next thing I knew, I found the article about them mummies!

  2. Love the picture of the cat reading the monitor. I saw a picture of two cats with their paws on the keypad. The quote read, “two more clicks and we’ve got the dog sold!”

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