My Article Read (4-26-2016)


Toodler, Newspaper

  1. The Beginner’s Guide to Goal Setting

  2. Start Here

  3. *(SO NOW MR. TRUMP IS CRAZY?)* – GOP Donor Charles Koch Suggests Clinton May Be Better Choice Than GOP Pres Candidates – Cavuto

  4. Mr. Bradley and the Old Floozies


  6. Bucket List Update

  7. Rudy Giuliani on the Cruz/Kasich Coalition…

  8. Why Kasich Has Already Won the GOP, and We Just Don’t Realize It Yet

  9. A message from the U.N.’s scumbag:

  10. Barcarolle – Anna Netrebko & Elina Garanca

  11. Puppy love

  12. Trust the Process…

  13. How Likely Will Candidates Keep Their Campaign Promises?

  14. Cruz-Kasich Alliance Against Trump Appears to Falter Early

  15. America – listen!

  16. Mooch Obama bans fried foods and Frosted Flakes at Daycare Centers

  17. Queen Forces Obama To Reduce His Carbon Footprint… Banned Half Of Obama’s Choppers From Landing On Windsor Lawns…

  18. Whole-Heartedly

  19. Snippet of The Day 04.26.16

  20. I love you, I miss you

  21. The Homefront: Playing with Children

  22. C.cada Weekly Update 4-26-16

  23. USA Launch Today!

  24. V is for… #atozchallenge

  25. the herd and I, and the animals laughing

  26. Bring it

  27. Formidable Classics

  28. Walka duchowa   (spiritual Warfare)

  29. Color My World: Wisteria

  30. Scary

  31. Salam de Biscuiti cu Ciocolata

  32. My Thought of the Day – 4/26/16

  33. #atozchallenge: V is for Very excited…

  34. Male Culture

  35. A little bit…


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17 thoughts on “My Article Read (4-26-2016)

  1. Your impressive reading list makes me embarrassed at how little I can get through these days, Angel! Thanks for the link and the other great articles! BTW, do you blog from Indiana? I’m from Indy, originally, but lived in Lafayette for many years and still have close family there. Jane Dough, who blogs at PoliNation and WZ used to have a band out of Bloomington that played the Ground Round on US52 in Lafayette.

    1. Of course, the Ground Round isn’t there anymore, but Jane swears it was their very favorite crowd ever, including their gigs in California. Lafayette is a wonderful town, after all, and much better than that crazy university town west of the Wabash. 😉 After reading your “About Me” I see you ARE from Laf,IN. That’s cool! And I can’t help being amazed at how wonderful your daughter’s art is. Reminds me of the Bluebird of Bitterness’ youngest daughter. I’m sure you’ve seen her drawings over on her site now and then. They are both prodigies! 🙂

      1. Lol about “that crazy university town west of the Wabash.” I have cousins that went to that crazy university, lol.

        I haven’t seen Bluebird’s daughter’s drawings. I am going to have to investigate.

      2. Thank you! 🙂 Those particular drawings are from her early-to-mid-teen years. She’s 21 now and her style is more polished and mature, but I have a particular fondness for her earlier, more primitive work.

      1. Ok, full disclosure. I got 2 degrees at Undue Perversity. Gruntessa used to work there. My dad and grandad went there, along with a sister and brother. My aunt and uncle live south of Lafayette (east), and my other sister lives in Lafayette. But you wouldn’t want to meet her. She went to IU, Bloomington. (I know!) She only lives in L-town because her husband used to work for Wabash Trucking.

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