My Article Read (4-24-2016)



Soldier, Newspaper

  1. Watching NASCAR By Myself

  2. Michelle Obama talks about bathrooms at commencement speech in Mississippi…

  3. Wish You Were Here

  4. Love With A Metaphor

  5. A Month Long Silence, and yet—

  6. We will remember

  7. Bedmates

  8. Happy Caturday — cat’s best friend edition

  9. Some beautiful music for Sunday

  10. The Obama Legacy Summed Up

  11. Obama – Clueless International Attitude

  12. Voter Ignorance Driving “Controversy”

  13. How the new minimum wage law is affecting Fresno, California

  14. 20/30 “Too Deep”

  15. ANZAC Day

  16. Six Word Saturday: Auckland’s WWI dead — lest we forget


  18. The Politics of Hell….

  19. Somewhere

  20. Snippet of The Day 04.24.16

  21. Defeating the web- Testimonial

  22. The Glittering Court-Richelle Mead

  23. In Memoriam – #poetry #aprpad

  24. Just a Thought

  25. The Crevice

  26. Collaboration for Peace – 17

  27. Borrowed

  28. We were soldiers

  29. Sunday Trees #231 – Oregon Moss and Trees

  30. Pling Sunday evenings

  31. Towering castles surrounded by the waters of moats,

  32. Meditate on these things . . .

  33. Art – A study of the Cattleya Orchid

  34. The greatest form of praise…

  35. The First Voice

  36. Going Out of Business!

  37. Sunday Share 25

  38. Torn, Never to be Mended

  39. Mexico & USA Borders

  40. Supporting The Health Of Our Children



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