Pastor Wrinkle’s Quips & Quotes Challenge 4-24-16



Pastor Wrinkle’s Quips & Quotes Challenge 4-24-16

Pastor Wrinkles Sundays Quips & Quotes is a forum in which my Sunday readers can share their favorite sayings from a week of reading. My favorite of the week is below and let me encourage you to share yours in the comments section or in a post of your own linking back here.

This is the challenge from the Lillie-Put blog.


A reminder to myself when I feel like giving up and quitting.

Don't Give Up

You Have1

God Has2

3 thoughts on “Pastor Wrinkle’s Quips & Quotes Challenge 4-24-16

  1. One of my favorite quotes is, “I once knew a man that was so poor, the only thing he had was money.” So many believe money is “the answer to life.” It is certainly useful to pay the bills, but will never create an inner sense of happiness and fulfillment.

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