Thursday Distraction- I Can’t Decide


I am having trouble deciding on what to do for Thursday Distraction. I thought of doing the video Ann over at Ann’s Corner showed on her post  Uptown Funk, Retro


But I thought it wasn’t kosher to do it.

I thought of some old fashion country western song.

Some people aren’t to keen on cowboys, ghosts, or legends so I threw the idea away.

Then I thought of another post of songs from my school days.

I thought “Naw it would get too old after a while.”

I thought “Perhaps a music video on a series on a video I did.”

I am just not use to showing off.

So I thought of a music video someone else did.

But not everybody is a sharp dress man fan.

How about a short film.

Everybody had enough of smooth criminals so I thought against it.

Then my brain thought about “The Devil Came Back To Georgia”.

Then it came to me just like a smooth criminal  people are tired of the devil too.

I thought of spoken word video.

I 86’d that idea because I wasn’t sure what to do.



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4 thoughts on “Thursday Distraction- I Can’t Decide

  1. Haha!
    Thanks for posting my link in your musings.
    I’m not sure what “Thursday Distractions” are but there is enough in there for me to be distracted with….

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