Links To Some Uplifting Posts (4-18-2016)


Be Happy

  1. Smile Card and American History

  2. Woman Saves Hundreds Of Baby Squirrels Each Year

  3. The Peaceful Home Fund – By Moshe Kessler

  4. I Stopped and Picked up a Man and His pregnant Wife on a Rainy Night in Seattle in 1977

  5. No you can, really you can.

  6. Jim Lichtenstein’s Act of Kindness for My Son With Autism Made Me Want to Cry

  7. Firefighter And Wife Take In 22 Children

  8. O câncer e o hospital não impediram que eles realizassem o sonho de se casar; e o resultado foi surpreendente   (The cancer and the hospital did not prevent them to perform the dream of getting married; and the result was surprising)

  9. In Her Darkest Moment, a Stranger Handed a Grieving Mother an Envelope Which Read…”Open Me”

  10. Rusty

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