My Article Read (4-8-2016)


Extra Hot

  1. Weathering The Storms Of Life

  2. Who Are You Inviting Into Your Home?

  3. “PayPal gets the hypocrite of the year award!”

  4. Ivanka Trump and the pesky fire problem with her scarves…

  5. Burgeoning Spring

  6. Note to self…April 6th

  7. Bill Clinton goes off on #BLM protesters…

  8. My love, my passion my aspiration

  9. TT38: A Tagalog Devotional on Politics and Promises

  10. My Best Friend’s Dad- And Now, Ebube (Scene 14)

  11. Voting – it lets the serfs preserve their illusions.

  12. Picture of a revolting girly-man:

  13. Honky Tonk Outlaw: RIP Merle Haggard

  14. Ikea signs $800 million contract to assemble Iraqi prime minister’s cabinet

  15. Michelle Obama celebrates Iran’s Nowruz Holiday

  16. A Woman Who Doesn’t Quit | Giveaway!


  18. Thumbup!

  19. Morning Direction From Scripture 4-8-16

  20. April Celebration – Today is Draw a Picture of a Bird Day!

  21. Color Your World – Spring Green

  22. 12 Tips for Newbies (Like Me)

  23. 50s nonconformist


  25. Snippet of The Day 04.08.16

  26. Friday!

  27. Written You

  28. The Horse Report

  29. Kool Man by swo8 Blues Jazz from the album Osaka Time in iTunes

  30. Future


  32. 40 Days of Prayer For America-Day 38

  33. Parenting 101: Do Your Research

  34. Change THEM, Lord

  35. Where the Battle Rages the Loyalty of the Soldier is Proved

  36. This one thing:… (Really?) The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station

  37. It’s Not Our Job To Monitor The Ministry of Others

  38. Dandelions #poetry #napowrimo

  39. Understanding Socialism and Bernie Sanders | Written by an Educated Millennial |

  40. Christ is offensive and outrageous

  41. So I’ve heard my call

  42. The Gift

  43. Thumbup and Buddha9 are deaf.

  44. Love & Cherish What You Have!

  45. Falling Everyday

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