Sometimes People Don’t Like Honestly


Well-Behaved Woman

I been thinking about a post I read a few years back about feminist. It was during the time feminist were running around wearing costumes of vaginas and running around topless at protests. I can’t remember the title of the post or what blog wrote it  or what it talked about except the feminist were protesting something. All I remember of the post was a video of feminist running around topless doing what I thought was some pagan ritual. I thought it was disgusting to down right gross. It was that bad. I stated so in the comment area. The next day, I received a notification someone responded to my comment. The person stated in 2 simple little words to my comment “F*** Off” I guess they didn’t like my honestly.

8 thoughts on “Sometimes People Don’t Like Honestly

  1. Yeah, no kidding. But I suspect it has to do with having no skills that anyone in the world has any use for, doesn’t even work for them to run around topless, can’t even attract a boy (or even a woman) that way. Sad people, they are. See what envy, and entitlement gets you – nothing but contempt.

      1. Thank you. Yes, it’s the same with guys, neither are worth our trouble, but they irritate so much, like a fly around your face.

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