My Article Read (3-21-2016)


Cat Head, Newspaper

  1. Quiet men and quiet lives?

  2. King Solomon, Wise or Foolish Activists?

  3. The Marble Cathedrals—Capillas de Marmol

  4. The Joys of English


  6. Flashback to 1992: Sharpton Endorses Shooting Police Officers…

  7. Picture a brain-dead cow….

  8. Media Hypocrisy: trumped up coverage

  9. I can’t brain today, I have the dumb

  10. Happy vernal equinox

  11. Largest U.S. Refinery now belongs to Saudi Arabia

  12. Mews: Shortest living domestic cat (height)

  13. Snippet of The Day 03.21.16

  14. Donación poética…   (poetic donation …)

  15. 😀

  16. The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of all Wisdom and Understanding. How can I have this foundation?

  17. Find out from

  18. It’s About Time

  19. The Dance and the Flute by L. Martel

  20. A Few of My Random Thoughts – 3/21/16

  21. The LORD hath not given you: The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station

  22. Color My World: Raw Sienna

  23. Congratulations to Eddie Izzard

  24. It’s the root I tell ya

  25. Your bubble

  26. Re-jiggering

  27. Kittens and Puppies – Fresh New Pics!

  28. 40 Days of Prayer For America-Day 20

  29. How to live out your purpose!

  30. My poem “Jerusalem” now published in the Guardian

  31. Smallville Poem


  33. Lemon salt

  34. Fake true friends

  35. The Nothing Box

  36. Friend

  37. How to Wear a Maxi For Women Over 50. Maxi-mizing Your Potential!

  38. Walking in the Woods

  39. I’m Glad It Didn’t Work Out Part 4

  40. Bloggers, Let’s Support Each Other

  41. Jehovah Gibbor Milchamah | The Lord Mighty in Battle

  42. K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge…

  43. Splash of Colour

  44. The Preacher’s Lady

  45. November 1943 (4)

  46. The Things We Do For Love

  47. The TPP, yet another political class con job on voters

  48. Truth for the Heart

  49. Leadership With The Heart Of A Mouse

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