My Article Read (3-16-2016)


Toodler, Newspaper

  1. Trump is turning people inside out…

  2. Newt Gingrich: Trump-Hating GOP Elites “Functionally Supporting Hillary Clinton”… Be Honest About It (VIDEO)

  3. Knit Pies for Pi Day 2015 by Knits For Life

  4. ICE tries to explain why they let illegal immigrant who killed woman go…

  5. A lengthy rant. Time poor? Avoid.

  6. Twofer on election challenges

  7. MORE Scientific contributions by Israelis that have changed the World 🙂

  8. Happy St. Patrick’s Day

  9. Who or What is Black Lives Matter?

  10. 2 Canadian Soldiers Stabbed in Toronto

  11. ‘How he gonna get his money’ says dead teen burglar’s relatives

  12. The Marginalization of American Conservatism

  13. Saving, and fixing, the Open Web

  14. 2 min Fruit Bite 3/17/16

  15. Who Runs The World? Girls

  16. St Patrick’s Day – Green is the colour of the day!

  17. Speedy’s Movie Day and Review rolled into one: Panasonic Smart Home Monitoring System Sponsored Post

  18. Is There Anybody Listening?

  19. Labor Union Leadership “Freaking Out” as Membership Supports Donald Trump…

  20. Yiiiippppeee! 207 reasons to celebrate!

  21. Nurturing Thursday – John Muir and Green for St Patrick’s Day.

  22. My darling Angel son

  23. God’s Garden-Squash Gossip Part 3-James On the Dangerous Tongue

  24. Blog Tips, Advice and Blogging Strategy – 3/17/16

  25. The Sword of Talon II

  26. Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Maureen and the Duke!

  27. A Tall Story

  28. Snippet of The Day 03.17.16

  29. Flight Nurses

  30. 60 – France, Loi travail, Mobilisation de dizaines de milliers de jeunes, Slogans   (60 – France, labor law, tens of thousands of young Mobilization, Slogans)

  31. On My Bookshelf: A Dolphin Wish

  32. Bringing Fashion Back Where it Belongs

  33. 192 Publications That Actually Pay Freelance Writers

  34. A Fresh Look for The Ranter

  35. 5 Questions To Maximize Your Water Cooler Conversations

  36. Share Your World 2016: Week 11

  37. Uczynić coś na chwałę Bożą! Pokusa?   (Do something for the glory of God! Temptation?)

  38. The Difficulty of Finishing Well

  39. Lucky You

  40. Filosofando   (philosophizing)

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