My Article Read (3-14-2016)



  1. I’ve had just about enough of the crazy talk…

  2. Berserkers

  3. The Seven Deadly Sins of an Entrepreneur

  4. Bawaaahahaha!

  5. Australia. And NZ will follow:

  6. Happy March 14

  7. Some beautiful music for Sunday

  8. Can Donald Trump Unify a Republican Party He Fractured?

  9. Hillary Clinton ‘We’re going to put coal companies out of business’

  10. My Disgust with GOP Politicians

  11. Entiende   (Understands)

  12. Mommy’s Monday Motivation

  13. What She Didn’t Wear

  14. 40 Days of Prayer For America-Day 13

  15. Incomplete process

  16. Making Room for Blessings

  17. Just a Thought

  18. North Korea Threatens to Wipe Out Manhattan, Kansas

  19. Monday Meet n’ Greet

  20. Why I don’t want to just speak……..

  21. 5 Weirdest Hero Deaths in Irish Mythology

  22. Must Dive Destinations in the Caribbean

  23. VIDEO It’s 1964 Again! — Ted Cruz, Fox News ‘Traitors,’ Formed ‘Unified Oligarchy’ Against Trump — «A Time for Choosing»

  24. Sunday Selfies

  25. Senhora de 91 anos troca quimioterapia por botar o pé na estrada e curtir a vida   (Lady 91 year old exchange chemotherapy put the road and enjoy life)

  26. Monday’s Bible Readings

  27. On My Bookshelf: Having a Martha Home the Mary Way

  28. Don’t you believe?

  29. Rice salad

  30. music for the eyes

  31. Snippet of The Day 03.14.16


  33. Blue

  34. Power Banks for your gadgets

  35. March Break Special by Consumer Perspective

  36. 51 – France, Matignon, Loi travail, Valls veut “un nouveau départ”, CGT-FO pour le retrait   (51 – France, Matignon, labor law, Valls wants “a new beginning”, CGT-FO for withdrawal)

  37. Spring

  38. TV, politics, and Jesus

  39. Are We There Yet?

  40. Daughters Rule the Day!

  41. Collaboration for Peace – 12

  42. My Thought of the Day – 3/14/16

  43. Share Your World Week 11

  44. a dog and a dolphin

  45. Superficiality Is The Great Obstacle

  46. Inspire Me Monday Linky Party #73

  47. Jak usłyszeć głos Boga?   (To hear the voice of God?)

  48. Jesus is coming back soon….Will you be ready when he comes???

  49. True Love Begins With God

  50. Quelat National Park—The Hanging Glacier

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