There Is A Story Behind That


Present Both Sides

I wrote in my post Share Your World – 2016 Week 10 I want to be a journalist when I grew up. There is a story behind that.

I loved writing ever since I was in the 2nd grade. I love creating stories. I wanted to be a writer back then. That was until my parents told me to get real. There was no money in writing. I needed to pick a different career to survive. My kid’s brain back then wasn’t about to give on writing so I decided on journalism.

That was until I took a journalism course in high school. I thought “oh boy I am going to learn about being a reporter.” It was how I looked at the course before taking it. Once into the course, I found out there was more to journalism then what I thought. We learn about how a newspaper was run. How the printing was done. Remember this is the early 70’s, there wasn’t the new fangle-dangle gadgets of today. We learned about deadlines. We learned how the reports and ads were jigsawed in the newspaper. Needless to say I found some of this very boring.

I did enjoy the reporter part of the course of journalism. We learned about the body of an article (who, what, when, where, and how). The teacher was a stickler about being fair and objective. She drilled fair and objective into us so much we would never forget it. Believe me when I say I still remember that part of the course to this day. It is probably the reason why I cringe when I see  reporter go full bias on a subject. 

Needless to say being interested in one part of the course of journalism and not the other was the reason I failed the course. It was also the reason I decided journalism wasn’t for me, Confused smile.


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