My Article Read (3-7-2016)


Press Dog

  1. Pastor Tim Remington who did opening prayer at Ted Cruz Rally in Coeur d’ Alene shot multiple times today at his church…w/Updates

  2. In the interest of “fairness” – Mitt Romney Interviwed by Chris Wallace On “Fox News Sunday” (3/6/2016)

  3. Rush on Trump…

  4. Most Accurate Hillary Pic Ever?


  6. I rest my case

  7. Mitt Romney Says He Won’t Rule Out Accepting Nomination at Contested Convention

  8. Breaking News: Rubio Wins BIG!!!!!

  9. Clinton pays Planned Parenthood campaign funds to ‘get out the vote’

  10. Muslim American voters favor one GOP candidate over others, according to CAIR – guess who?

  11. Ever Have a Panic Attack? I did & it is NOT fun.

  12. Santiago Alive


  14. VIDEO Nancy Reagan Dead at 94 – ‘Amazing Woman,’ ‘She Will Be Missed’ – Netanyahu, ‘A Great Friend of Israel’

  15. Oh! how did heaven wonder!

  16. My Best Friend’s Dad- And now, Ebube (Scene 7)

  17. For Moral Clarity: Obey God Not Man

  18. Inspire Me Monday Linky Party #72

  19. Ministry to the Childfree And Those With Nontraditional Families

  20. The False Theory of Evolutionary Morality

  21. Cojo las bolsas y me voy…   (Cojo bags and go …)

  22. These Things: The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station

  23. A Faded Man

  24. Was Jesus Really God? Part 2- The Hypostatic Union For Dummies

  25. The Last Time

  26. Goats Pop the Top

  27. Tarawa (2)

  28. The Book Of Mark- Monday

  29. Grieving

  30. Motivational Monday

  31. All of my help comes from the Lord

  32. What is the difference between a Christian and a disciple?

  33. A Few of My Random Thoughts

  34. I love those who love me . . .

  35. To all women

  36. Bent, Broken & Remolded

  37. Numb – Wordle #100

  38. Hola from Clarke Quay

  39. 40 Days of Prayer For America-Day 6

  40. small stones – 03.07.16

  41. I’m Glad It Didn’t Work Out (Part 1)

  42. Nancy Reagan RIP, and a bit from Jim deMint

  43. Jo’s Monday walk : Springtime in Shincliffe

  44. Akihabara: Electric Town

  45. Husbands as Spiritual Leaders…


  47. Above And Beyond

  48. Who Holds The Future?

  49. Well that’s interesting

  50. Screen

4 thoughts on “My Article Read (3-7-2016)

  1. I thank you for your continued support. This post on Tarawa and the previous one have been nicely received. I do hope your readers find it interesting as well.

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