Links To Some Uplifting Posts (3-7-2016)


Child , Bubbles

  1. Dr. Matt Rescues And Rehabilitates Adorable Orphaned Baby Squirrels

  2. A Sunday Feel Good Story – Seven Wealthy Conservatives

  3. What Sacrificial Giving Looks Like


  5.  Oh my! Lion, tiger and bear ‘brothers’ living in a Georgia animal shelter haven’t left each other’s side in 15 years

  6. Tommy Hilfiger Launches Adaptive Collection for Children With Disabilities

  7. Rescued Sea Otter Pup Makes Strides At Her New Home

  8. 9 pessoas com problemas mentais que possuem espetaculares habilidades   (9 people with mental problems that have spectacular skills)


  10. Out of the Mouth of Alzheimer’s

  11. Attitude changes everything.

  12. The songs, that helped me beat cancer.

  13. A Long Overdue Thank You for a Priceless Gift – By Lisa Gastaldo

  14. Heroes

  15. Menina de 5 anos com doença terminal escolhe “ir para o céu em vez de voltar para o hospital”   (5 – year girl with terminal illness choose to “go to heaven instead of going back to the hospital”)


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