My Article Read (3-4-2016)


In The News

  1. Donald Trump Posts BBB “A” Rating for Trump University

  2. A TSA publication?

  3. Milo strike! bawaaahahaha!

  4. The Truth About Trump University?

  5. Herman Cain: GOP establishment needs to get over Trump angst

  6. George Romney called Goldwater candidate Suicidal for GOP, Mitt any different with Trump?

  7. The Hunt!

  8. Menu for today’s

  9. Couldn’t Resist

  10. An EMPTY chair, Bagged garbage, and a Rolled up RUSTY fence:)


  12. Τηλεκρατία – Σοφία Κιόρογλου   (Tilekratia – Sofia Kiorogloy)

  13. TT33: A Tagalog Prayer when Facing Struggles at Work  

  14. Tarawa (1)

  15. Valparaiso Art

  16. King Solomon, Donald Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Fair Trade

  17. Fragments Of Me (Time)

  18. Lessons from Kili Half Marathon

  19. #41 Purple heart Rare Disease Day 2016

  20. 40 Days of Prayer for America- Day 2

  21. 16 – Asie, Corée du Nord, Kim Jong-Un, Nucléaire, Arsenal nucléaire,   (

  22. I aten’t dead(*)

  23. Dream

  24. Who will trump trump?

  25. God’s Garden-Lettuce Be Kind Part 9-Being Kind is the Difference

  26. My best Friend’s Dad – And Now, Ebube (Scene 6)

  27. Prayers appreciated

  28. One Lovely Blog Award

  29. Snippet of The Day 03.04.16

  30. The Most Brewtiful Cafes I

  31. Your Friday Art Cat Longs for Summer

  32. Cats Helpful, Not Helpful

  33. Jangan pernah menyerah   (Don’t ever give up)


  35. Two hearts

  36. Oh man

  37. Lighten Up

  38. Karma Karhi by swo8 Blues Jazz from the album Black Taj in iTunes

  39. Friday Night Culture – Riding the Wind

  40. Do Cats Like The Same Things As Women ?

  41. Gutters For Jesus Pt. 3

  42. Happy is the Man . . .

  43. Turkey – Tea

  44. Rif. Everyday Life of the Riffian People / Codzienne życie Rifenów

  45. I Started a Facebook Page!

  46. Time: Lessons From The Dying Brain

  47. Untangled, A Story of Resilience, Courage and Triumph

  48. Ssshh… Good Night!

  49. My Thought of the Day – 3/4/16

  50. Isaac and Abimelech, Genesis 26:1-33

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