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I have been wanting to start a charity/foundation to help others. In order to start charity/foundation I have to start it like a business from what I read and pay fees to get it started. My financial situation tells me I can’t do it at this time. I can’t start big like I wanted.

But…”but” might be a small word. The word “but” can be big at times. I can still plan on doing it write down my ideas of rules, my mission plan, etc as I think about them. I can still give  small like I have. I can send money to help a missionary. Give a couple dollars to the homeless. I can’t send the whole amount of rent for somebody so they can keep a roof over their heads but I can give some money to help out.

When big plans get deflated, you can take small steps to get to your plan, Smile. There is no rule against it.


  1. Persistence Over Reflection and Other Leadership Blunders

  2. Do you believe you are nothing more than a cosmic accident?

  3. Learning The Lesson Of Life From Jack Ma

  4. Are You Writing About Topics That People Care About?

  5. Do What Works For You..

  6. A Is For Accountability

  7. Solution Saturday: Teammates Hate Each Other!

  8. It’s a choice.

  9. small stones – February 22, 2016

  10. “The Achievement Habit” by Bernard Roth

  11. From collapse of Anorexia to University

  12. Take a leap


  14. Keep your head above the negatives by filling your mind with truth from God’s Word

  15. We Are All Souls in Human Form

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