My Article Read (3-2-2016)


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  1. Media is not your friend…

  2. Hump Day Video: Fido vs Spot — Animal vs Robot

  3. Oh, bollocks!

  4. Let’s import more of ’em, shall we?

  5. Well, we hope so…

  6. What’s that, you’ll vote for neither?

  7. A rose by any other name

  8. Advertisements from long, long ago — Marriage Savers™ edition

  9. Happy birthday, Gioachino

  10. Trend Line Overwhelmingly in Favor of Trump, Clinton?

  11. Warning USA: Decoys, Smoke Screens & Mock Setups!

  12. David Axelrod: Georgia voters are dumb and poor thus picked Trump

  13. The Love Of God Campaign Pt. 4

  14. Canada Bound – Journal Entry

  15. The Not So Great Divide

  16. Alive.

  17. Crickity Cree, Crickity Cruu

  18. Today

  19. To Be A Man

  20. 40 Days of Prayer for America Day 1

  21. 40 Days of Prayer For America


  23. They’re At It Again!

  24. Wisdom Wednesday

  25. What is the Intelligent Design Theory?

  26. A Bee in the cup of Coffee

  27. I shall not be moved!

  28. Month in Review

  29. Conheça Gimmo, o gato com olhos de coruja   (Meet Gimo, the cat with owl eyes)

  30. Bíró Pen

  31. Super Tuesday Debrief, Primary Results and Anticipated GOPe Reactions….

  32. 14 Reasons why you should be adding bone broth to your diet! You will be shocked!

  33. I Love You

  34. 09 – Électronique, Matériaux, Le graphène, Un matériau miracle d’avenir   (09 – Electronics, Materials, Graphene, a material future miracle)

  35. Can you have too many characters?

  36. Historical Hampi

  37. Not Enough Room

  38. One-Liner Wednesday – A deal that makes no sense

  39. My heart aches of love

  40. Oh Yeah? And your Mother wears Army boots!

  41. My Healthy Living Update: 7 Reasons Why I Hate the Word Diet (And Why You Should Too!)

  42. Lousy neighbors

  43. Hebrews Bible Study With First 5

  44. Disapproving Bun Day!

  45. Nice Dinner With My Husband

  46. Why I Charge for Book Promotion

  47. Just a Thought

  48. Treading Water- Poem by Sofia Kioroglou

  49. Sell on Etsy: Exclusive Insider Tips

  50. The Power in Thinking on God’s Power

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