Am I The Only One Who Thinks This Election Needs An Exorcist?



I need to rant. It is something I need to get off my chest. If your wondering about the title rather I was kidding or not. The answer is in a way yes and in a way no.

In my entire life I have never seen an election as ugly as this one. With the name calling and the false witnessing, I swear I can see the devil smiling a evil smirk and rubbing his hands together in joyous glee.

I have never seen the people of the United States this divided. You mention your thinking about voting for So-n-so. You get some people prophesying doom and gloom about the So-n-so or calling you stupid. You mention something about Such-n-such you don’t like. You get your head chewed off instead of “I understand. Let’s talk about it.” You start talking about What’s-her-name that your not going to vote for her. You get a look from the person that says “traitor”. Not to mention the riot act of how you should vote What’s-her-name because you have the same body parts as her. I am still wondering where that one came from, Sarcastic smile. I am thinking a bubblegum machine but I haven’t found evidence to it. Don’t get me started on Cutie who thinks he is another Reagan, Confused smile.  Not! Reagan did one liners where one wasn’t sure they been hit. If the person realized they been hit, they were laughing too much to care.

The parties! The backstabbing. The backstabbing alone will make you wonder “what evil lurks in the hearts of men?” Their not thinking about “we the people” but me, me, me.

The media, oh my gosh, give false witness, bash, or half truths about a few candidates. They beam like the sun on  bright sunny day on the rest. My goodness one needs sun glasses to keep from getting blind by it. I thought one time I was watching  Linda Blair in “The Exorcist” spewing split pea soup with the way one reporter was bashing on So-n-so. It is nauseating with the way news networks report the news. Fair and objective ran away from these guys. I ask my mother to change the news to something else once. She gives me that look of ”Don’t tell me what to do”, Sad smile.  What can I say mothers will be mothers even at my age.

I find myself wondering if the world gone off the deep end or needs exorcising those ugly, nasty spirits out.

25 thoughts on “Am I The Only One Who Thinks This Election Needs An Exorcist?

  1. I try to stay away from the subject of politics on my blog since it is such a sensitive subject. But you said everything I feel. I have never seen such a horrible primary season. Comparing any of these candidates to President Reagan is ridiculous, because Reagan never had to resort to name calling or slander. The media waste more time focused on the negative aspects of this campaign and name calling instead of focusing on the candidates opinions on the issues. And as usual, the media is too busy twisting the candidates messages. The news channels are worse. They turn every debate into an ugly wrestling match. They insitgate fights between candidates for ratings. The entire process has been a farce. And the best example of the sad state of this country is illustrated in the two candidates leading in the primaries. Donald Trump a billionaire with no political experience & Hilary Clinton a woman who if she had any other last name would be headed for prison instead of the White House.

    Great post.

  2. Truth! I’m turning my back on both parties. I think I’m going with the Libertarians. Socially and fiscally responsible…sounds like good ol’ common sense to me!

  3. Sign of where the hearts of the people are now days🤔
    Look back in Bible days…sadly they didn’t want God as their leader hey wanted a king so that they could be like all the other nations🤔🤔 He gave them ONE 😳
    You’re right!!! It’s Terrible!😏🙏🏻❤️

  4. Preach! (And Amen!) I keep praying for the White Knight (who may be either male or female…think Joan of Arc…) to throw a late hat into the race!! Godsfruitful is correct…very biblical.

  5. Boy, is this right on the mark. You called that one with an exorcism. I wonder how true that is? Only because we don’t fully know how all the reasons for things. But the fruits are there and pretty obvious who’s at work. Thanks for a chuckle along the way. Spot. on.

    Pretty soon those body parts may just abandon their owners and go vote themselves. Could happen.

  6. Exorcism or firing squads… makes no difference to me. Our duly elected leaders and their appointee has totally abrogated their solemn sworn oath of office. That is the root of the problem. “So help me God” doesn’t seem to matter to anyone anymore. We have traitors in elected office. It IS that simple.

    The anger displayed by the public is only a reaction to that knowledge. Civility has been thrown to the wind only because our government has stopped being civil to us. In great part we can thank/blame Obama for that lack of civility. The left has gone off the rails and are drunk on power. The republicans are clueless how to counter it for fear of offending.

    Evil exists only because good people do nothing.

  7. I agree with all you said LA. My head spins from all the blasted lies being told again and again. Their is no longer an objective news reporting network. They all show their bias now out in the open. They used to hide it, but no longer. They want to drive us to whoever their choice of candidate is. Well, I won’t be told what to do or who to vote for by these liars of all things election wise. I too have to turn off the news at times to maintain any semblance of sanity. Fortunately I get NewsmaxTV which is very objective.

  8. Great article. I agree with all you said. My head spins from all the lies. There no longer is any objective journalism. They lie and try to tell you what to do and who to vote for. We need an exorcism on the government, the pols, and the news people.

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