Links To Motivation And Leadership Articles


The Task

When flipping or remodeling a house, sometimes a person has to work on the foundation and walls to keep the house from falling into ruins, not just make the house pretty with paint. Pastors, leaders, mentors, counselors it is part of their job to do the same thing in helping another human being so they don’t fall into ruin, Smile.  Sometimes this process can be so slow then other times you blink and boom there is change in the person. Just keep encouraging, inspiring other person to do better. Help build their foundations up and help fix their walls.

  1. What we think in our mind is what we will be.
  2. 4 Habits You Need to Know That Will Change Your Life Forever
  3. Reduce the Size of Your BUT!
  4. The Apostle Paul as an Entrepreneur
  5. Thank you.
  6. Do I Deserve It?
  7. Get out of your comfort zone
  8.  Bite Your Tongue!
  9. How do you distinguish yourself?
  11. You Are The Window To Wonder In A Skeptical World
  12. Come prepared to fight.
  13. The battle you are going through…
  14. 5 Major Goal-Setting Myths That Keep You Stuck
  15. Did you know that UNITY exist among the ducks?

4 thoughts on “Links To Motivation And Leadership Articles

  1. This is wonderful! My husband is a builder and I LOVED the comparison you used. And not to mention the reminder: Building ‘self’ has a greater reward to building ‘stuff’ & how integral we all are in assisting the process!! Hugs!

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