My Article Read (2-29-2016)


Newspaper Roses

  1. DNC vice chair resigns, supports Sanders…

  2. Oh, FFS!

  3. Open house

  4. Nationalism rising…

  5. Cruz and Rubio Eligibility Lawsuit

  6. Memo: Clinton would steer State funds to her Donor’s Haiti project

  7. Growing together in God

  8. The Times of Our Lives

  9. Video exclusive: Marine booted from Clinton rally pours his heart out after event in emotional interview

  10. The Portal

  11. On Any Given Day

  12. “I’m Talking to Another Girl”

  13. Is Tolerance In The Bible?

  14. Can you “COUNT?”

  15. Steam Pron

  16. On misfits and broken toys…

  17. The Ballad of Ananias and Sapphira

  18. Inspire Me Monday Linky Party #71

  19. How I Got My First 1000 Followers

  20. Our Daily Calling: Week Six! | P31 Online Bible Studies

  21. Two Crows and a Slice of Bread

  22. King Solomon, Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, Fair Trade Post Ten

  23. March on A Whispered Wind

  24. Was Jesus Really God? Part 1-Does It Really Matter?

  25. Eye Witness Account – Rabaul

  26. When Dating Brings Dread, Not Joy

  27. 4 Habits You Need to Know That Will Change Your Life Forever

  28. The world of “Whosoever Will.” The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station

  29. Color Your World – Midnight Blue

  30. Magnification Mondays 2-29-16

  31. Grey

  32. A Weekend Getaway! The One Night Micro-Mini Vacation!

  33. Slave to the rhythm…

  34. Hornblower Dinner Cruise in Newport Beach

  35. Delhi Two by swo8 Blues Jazz from the album Black Taj in iTunes

  36. My Thought of the Day – 2/29/16

  37. Randomness on Leap Year!

  38. Control or Peace?

  39. Share Your World – Week #9 and #LoIsInDaBlog Final Day!

  40. Hey, have you heard the one about the size of Trump’s hands?

  41. Snippet of The Day 02.29.16

  42. March 1 Primaries and the No. 1 Issue Facing Our Republic: Sticking Your Nose Into The Stink

  43. Happy Leap Day to all the Trump haters and lovers…

  44. GOP Insiders Determined to Make Their Suicide a Messy One

  45. Daddy’s Little Girl!

  46. Her

  47. 02 – France, Gouvernement, Travail, Reculade sous pressions   (02 – France, Government, labour, retreat under pressure)

  48. Eek!

  49. Alma que baila…   (Soul Dancing)

  50. Conheça o casal que está criando seus dois filhos a bordo de um trailer de bicicleta pelo mundo   (Meet the couple that’s creating his two sons aboard a trailer bike world)

  51. Lonely Author: My First Pedicure

  52. Jo’s Monday walk : Souter Lighthouse

  53. Harry Potter memes.

  54. Prayer

  55. February Favourites!


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