My Article Read (2-27-2016)


Man, Water, Newspaper

  1. Wild Bill: The Cruz-Trump Snipers

  2. GOP Debate: Rollicking good fun…

  3. The State Department does a Friday Benghazi document dump….

  4. Why is the bastard not swinging by the neck?

  5. A Response To Brian Eno Regarding Israel

  6. Tale of 2 wealthy candidates

  7. Senators Up for Re-Election in 2016

  8. Marco Rubio Finally Steps Up As The Anti-Trump

  9. Things are about to Change!

  10. Clinton regrets calling Black thugs ‘Super Predators’

  11. Which God they ask

  12. Reconciled, forgiven, blameless….that’s me!!! The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station

  13. Monet

  14. Stumble but don’t fall

  15. Ex’s and Oh’s

  16. EAGER TO DEVOUR . . .

  17. SoCS: food!

  18. Way Back

  19. We All Shine On!

  20. Inspiring Quote for the Day

  21. Force Awakens

  22. Busted! College students who stirred national uproar with fabricated racial attack now face assault charges

  23. Cruz uses Dennis Rodman to mock Trump; former NBA player fires back, starts Tweet-storm

  24. Payback

  25. #SoCS – Playing with my food

  26. Cee’s Weekly Wrap Up – February 27, 2016 and WPC: State of Mind

  27. Why Syrians Support President Bashar al Assad

  28. Great Food

  29. Fairy tale of a time

  30. Behind the Locked Door – Horror Short Fiction

  31. Snippet of the Day 02.27.16

  32. Child of the world – Put down your phone

  33. Just a Thought

  34. Esses estudantes largaram tudo e cruzaram a América do Norte até o Canadá em cavalos selvagens   (These students dropped everything and crossed North America to Canada in wild horses)

  35. Top 10 Most Expensive Coffees

  36. Mendapatkan sesuatu   (Get something)



  39. Write Your Own Story

  40. I quit Smoking by subscribing to this!


  42. shared from Lafayetteangel

  43. Loneliness.

  44. Imagen   (Image)

  45. Instruction and knowledge!

  46. Graffiti Illo

  47. Solution Saturday: I Don’t Get No Appreciation

  48. 100 People

  49. Society Online Has Its Villages Too

  50. King Solomon, Donald Trump Fair Trade Post Nine

  51. Three wise men?

  52. Martha and Mary…and grace?

  53. Music – EWIAN “The Last Poem”

  54. “The Big J” – USS New Jersey

  55. Pearseus: Mad Water (book 2 of the Pearseus epic fantasy series)

  56. What are appropriate reasons for missing church?

  57. Meet and Greet Link 2/26/16

  58. A Heart In My Hands

  59. Valparaiso Chile 2016

  60. Stream of consciousness Saturday: The wrong stuff, part fourteen…

  61. Norway – Eating crabs

  62. Great News!!

  63. VIDEO Tempting Fate?, Famous Last Words

  64. End of the Age

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