“The Big J” – USS New Jersey

I had to reblog this I love ships, :).

Deano In America

In my endless quest to see everything I have ever been interested in since I was a kid, I recently walked across the Ben Franklin Bridge over the Delaware River from Philadelphia, PA to Camden, NJ to see the mighty Iowa Class Battleship the USS New Jersey (BB-62) known as “The Big J“. She served from 1942 to 1991 and today this former US Navy Battleship continues on as a floating museum.

USS New Jersey (BB-62) Camden NJ USA USS New Jersey (BB-62)

You can take a very informative tour to get a great understanding of the sheer size and firepower of this giant Battleship. She has a displacement of 45,000 tonnes, is 887 feet / 270.54 metres in length, with a beam (width) of 108.2 feet /33.0 metres, a draft (ships hull below the water’s surface) of 28.9 feet / 8.8 m and a crew of 1,921 (this would have been much larger in World War Two).

USS New Jersey BB-62 The view from the Ben…

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2 thoughts on ““The Big J” – USS New Jersey

  1. Great pics, the size and capabilities of these massive ships is fantastic, to imagine a crew of nearly 2,000 is awesome, just imagine the Logistics of running these Ships.
    Enjoyed your post.

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