My Article Read (2-26-2016)


Man Coffee, Newspaper

  1. Instructions for watching the Republican debate tonight…

  2. Visionless People are Perishing, Running Amok and I Blame ME

  3. I see it—

  4. ‘Three Simple Questions for Trump Supporters

  5. Watching the death-throes of a nation:

  6. Aussie Funding for Islamic schools goes… where?

  7. Armed Citizen Has a Surprise for Robber

  8. Determining the Future of America

  9. Obama’s 2009 stimulus gave millions to Filipino Vets

  10. VA Outsources Vet Processing Benefits to Philippines

  11. Flint aid bill held up by ‘heartless monster’ Ted Cruz tied to ‘pretty massive energy bill’

  12. Progressive Totalitarianism

  13. An Oscar Extra: THE HOLE (1962)

  14. King Solomon, Donald Trump, Fair Trade Post Eight

  15. Living in His Constant Care

  16. Hot Mess Mommy- True Tales From the Dark Side

  17. The Internet Is Making Us Lonely

  18. Last Week In Job

  19. Donald Trump Is Right: Here Are 100 Reasons Why We Need To Audit The Federal Reserve – Sinking Economy

  20. Oliver & Nubia: A new playground!

  21. I think something’s fishy


  23. Fun Coffee Facts

  24. Snippet of the Day 02.26.16

  25. “I’ve Committed the Unforgivable Sin”

  26. Humanity

  27. It’s Time! Christians Are Called To Fight

  28. Impacting Our World for Jesus Christ – Living Truth for Today

  29. Yep

  30. God’s plan for you

  31. Poetry

  32. Fuller House: A Return to Family Television

  33. Finally

  34. Lasts a lifetime

  35. A blogger to know

  36. My State of Mind In Pictures

  37. Isaac’s sons: Jacob and Esau Genesis 25:19-34

  38. Joyful ‘Toons – Dark Light

  39. I And You

  40. Healing in the Blood – Horror Flash Fiction

  41. She’s Driving Me Crazy

  42. My Thought of the Day – 2/26/16

  43. Running To The Sea

  44. Veggie Cupcakes

  45. Indentifier

  46. Not even the dead fish follow the stream!

  47. #40 Purple heart outstanding blog award nominations

  48. Game of Chess by L. Martel

  49. 67 – France, Gouvernement, Amender le projet de Loi Travail dans la confusion   (67 – France, Government, amend the draft Labour Act in confusion)

  50. Correspondiendo ánimos…   (Corresponding encouragement.)

  51. Follow Me

  52. Série de fotos inspiradora mostra o outro lado da Índia, que ninguém te conta   (Inspirational photo series shows the other side of India that no one tells you)

  53. Norway – King crabs

  54. Stop Pulling My Chain !

  55. “We’re at war”

  56. I Waited

  57. #GET TOUGH on Animal Fighting!

  58. “Ripeness is all” – Poem by Sofia Kioroglou

  59. Peggy Noonan: The Court, Like the Country, Needs Balance

  60. Focus group declares ‘winner’ of GOP debate; but there’s a catch

  61. Happy Weekend

  62. Blindness

  63. Admitted we were powerless

  64. Like a Childhood Teddy Bear

  65. A Spy’s Devotion


  67. Socialists, Progressives and or Watermelons retarding the West’s economic growth.

  68. Tsk Tsk, Mittens, Tsk Tsk!

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